Coronavirus, bursitis, 63 Up

On Tuesday I went to see our travel agent to apply for the visa to enter Vietnam for our trip in March.  Some planes have been cancelled and Vietnam wasn’t allowing planes to enter from China because of the coronavirus.  Everyone keeps saying why don’t we just cancel our trip, but we can’t!  It doesn’t work like that, everything is paid for, the insurance won’t cover the cost unless we have a good reason like sickness or death or the flights or cruise is cancelled.  We asked if we could postpone it until next year but they won’t let us.  Minnie at work Jokingly keeps saying I’m going to die!

Also, Jan woke up with a very sore thigh, she can’t walk on it.  The doctor thinks it is bursitis.  She is waiting for results of the ultrasound.  And then on Friday, the First Nations put up a blockade on the Via rail from Ottawa to Toronto as a protest which is how Jan has to get to the airport. She is worried they might do it again on the day our plane leaves! Things are not looking good for our trip!

On Thursday night all the hydro went out in the JV area.  We ended up closing the branch a half hour early and went home.  It was off for about 4 hours but our hydro was still on at home.

Today I left work at 3 and drove to Bros.  We went to see the movie 63 Up at the little theatre in Hamtown.  It was good. It is a chronicle of about 10 English kids from when they were age 7 and then every 7 years after, so age 14, 21 etc. This one, they were age 63.  We went back to Bro’s house afterwards and his wife made us supper – cauliflower rice, peas and ribs, yum.

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