Funeral Quilts, BP, Dentist

 I had a dentist appointment Thursday morning and when the hygienist was almost done and just flossing my teeth, he pulled part of a filling out with floss. Ugh!  We decided to leave it for now as the dentist can’t refill it, it has to come out and it isn’t bothering me.  

On my way home I had stopped at a store when I got a call from The Pencil that her blood pressure was super high and so was her heart rate.  I rushed home and drove her to the doctor who sent her to the hospital.  They hooked her up to machines and she waited all day in the waiting room for results and finally gave up as she was feeling better.  She asked me to pick her up and told them to send results to her doctor.  She took her BP when she got home and it was normal.

Win and I went to the funeral home last night.  Verla, a lady from our church passed away.  She was 91.  She was a nice lady, a beautiful quilter and a wonderful baker.  She used to bake homemade bread and pies etc every year for the church bazaar.  She always had a quilt on the go.  At the funeral home they had an assortment of her quilts displayed over the backs of the pews.  Hubby is going to the funeral today but I have to work.  She will be dearly missed.

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