Winter Wine Fest and Work Party

Thursday Jan 2 – went for a walk with Win and the dogs then went into work.  On Saturday I painted trim at #2 Sons and worked on church books.  After church on Sunday I babysat the boys and worked on the church books.  Win and girls came for supper too.  Monday I worked on church books, did the dishes, went to Costco, painted trim at #2 sons.  Tuesday I got my hair cut.

Friday, Jan 10– Wine Festival

Carol and I volunteered at the Winter Wine Festival from 6 until 9.  It was drizzling rain a bit so not too many people were there.  At 9 we were done and had some wine and a butter tart and listened to the band and then went home about 11.

Saturday, Jan 11 – Christmas party

Saturday night we had our work Christmas party at Coppolas but the reservation wasn’t until 7:30 and we didn’t get our dinner until 9:30!  Very late.  Some were going bowling after but I went home as it was almost 11 pm by the time we finished eating.

Monday, Jan. 13 – I worked on church books and year end account, then Win and I went to #2 sons new house and painted some trim until about 3 pm.  Then we took the dogs for a walk by the old canal.  On the way back Sophie pulled the leash that was wrapped around my fingers really hard and now my right index finger hurts and is swollen and turning purple.  

Winter Wine Festival

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  1. I read a couple of other Canadian blogs and butter tarts have been DISCUSSED!!!
    🙂 They sound divine! I even tried to make some once, but I don’t think I had the best recipe. And I do feel my life would be complete if I could eat Poutine. But for me the gravy would have to be vegetarian as I can’t mix meat and dairy. But girl, cheese curds on french fries? Genius! Ha!

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