Christmas Week

The Saturday before Christmas, I worked and then took the girls tobogganing at the park as there was just enough snow left.  They had a blast.

On Sunday morning Win and I took all the kids to church for the carol service.  We kept Artie with us while the rest went to Sunday School.  Artie is 9 months old now and so cute.  He loves the music. He looked adorable in his red plaid shirt with a little black bow tie and black pants.  On Monday Hubby and I picked up 2 cords of firewood and stacked them as it was nice out, only -2.  

Tuesday was Christmas Eve and I was busy preparing things for Christmas dinner, setting the table etc.  I also went to see Mom and Bro happened to go at the same time.  It’s funny how we do that. We don’t know the other is going but we show up at the same time.  We also discovered another offbeat English TV show we both love.  After supper I went to the Christmas Eve Service at church. Hubby was exhausted from painting all day at #2 Sons so didn’t go.  #1 Son and family went to church and so did Bro and wife.  

Christmas Day was green.  We had a peaceful morning opening gifts with #2 son and family, putting the turkey in etc.  Everyone else came over about 2 pm. and chaos ensued!  It was very noisy.  We ate about 4 pm. With the 7 kids around the kitchen table and the 8 adults, 2 teenagers and Artie in the dining room.  We shut the door to keep out some of the noise coming from the kitchen lol.

On Boxing Day, I made sweet and sour meatballs and 2 quiches to take to #1 sons where we had our annual Boxing Day family gathering with Hubbys sister and family.  I worked on Friday.  Today, Saturday we went to #2 sons and did painting. Hubby finally got the sprayer working so it was faster.  The Pencil and I did cutting in.  Then Hubby and I went out to dinner with friends and saw the new Jumanji movie afterwards.  It was good.  My back is sore now though.  I don’t have to babysit tomorrow so I can rest it.

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