Aquarium, Paint, Faux Pas

Monday morning it snowed quite a bit.  A guy was supposed to come and look at the aquarium we have for sale from 3 and a half hours drive away.  I didn’t think he would show up but he did and he bought it.  I didn’t think he would fit it in his little hatchback car, but he did.

On Tuesday I did the church books and then after supper I went to #2 Sons new house and painted.  They had put the insulation in the roof earlier so it was actually warm with the little heaters going. We painted the living room/kitchen heron grey.  It looks good.

I had done up a generic Christmas letter and just added the Dear So and So on the top.  I sent the same letter to my cousin in England earlier, and one to his ex wife and her husband who I am also friends with and just changed the name at the top.  But when I went to print another letter off later on, I noticed it said. “Dear Ken and Julia”. And underneath, “ Hope you and Natasha are well” LOL. Natasha is Julia’s ex husbands girlfriend! Omg! And it was already in the mail! There was nothing I could do!  What a faux pas!

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