Aquarium, Paint, Faux Pas

Monday morning it snowed quite a bit.  A guy was supposed to come and look at the aquarium we have for sale from 3 and a half hours drive away.  I didn’t think he would show up but he did and he bought it.  I didn’t think he would fit it in his little hatchback car, but he did.

On Tuesday I did the church books and then after supper I went to #2 Sons new house and painted.  They had put the insulation in the roof earlier so it was actually warm with the little heaters going. We painted the living room/kitchen heron grey.  It looks good.

I had done up a generic Christmas letter and just added the Dear So and So on the top.  I sent the same letter to my cousin in England earlier, and one to his ex wife and her husband who I am also friends with and just changed the name at the top.  But when I went to print another letter off later on, I noticed it said. “Dear Ken and Julia”. And underneath, “ Hope you and Natasha are well” LOL. Natasha is Julia’s ex husbands girlfriend! Omg! And it was already in the mail! There was nothing I could do!  What a faux pas!

Colonoscopy & New Job

  After work On Friday, I left Hubby sitting on the toilet as he is going for a colonoscopy on Saturday and went to the PAC with Carol to see the new Harriet Tubman movie as we had to use up our free tickets.  It was really good! When it got to the part about our town everyone clapped.

We were up early on Saturday and I drove Hubby to the clinic for his colonoscopy.   It was fine and he just had one small polyp.  It was pouring rain so #2 Son couldn’t work on the soffit.  He just had one 10 foot piece left to do.  They all went and painted the top floor while Hubby and I went to visit Mom.  There was a singer giving a concert in the cafeteria again. He was pretty good,   #2 Son and family went to a Christmas party.   Hubby and I sat by the fire.

Sunday I went to church then watched the boys in the afternoon. Everyone came back here for supper.  On Monday morning Sophie and I went for a walk with Win and Pete.  It was cold and a bit slippery on the trail.  We saw beaver tracks and a tree where he had almost chewed through the trunk. There were also swans, ducks and geese swimming in the cold gray water.  I went shopping and then The Pencil and I picked out paint colours for their house. Win had a job interview today and was hired! The shop where she works now is closing and her last day of work is Dec 20. She starts the new job Jan 6. Perfect!