On Sunday everyone came here to celebrate the Goober and Sugarplums birthdays turning 17 and 8.  Win brought Pete who met Tyson The Rottweiler for the first time and the rest of the family.  Pete settled right in. I worked on Monday.  Poor #2 Son worked in the rain all day installing soffit and fascia.  

On Tuesday Hubby and I worked outside cleaning up the garden, bringing firewood up etc.  I went to #1 Sons to babysit as they were going to a Christmas party.  They got home early at 9pm.  When I got home there were police, ambulance and fire all flashing their lights and blocking our road.  I could get in our driveway but others had to turn around and go another way. Apparently someone hit a pole and went in the ditch.  On Wednesday I wrapped some presents, cleaned, did laundry and then went to see Mom.  They had singers in the cafeteria.  It got very cold today.

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