Photo of the day, iPad Woes

I went to Euchre Wednesday night at the church, there were 14 out.  We had some wine and cheese and Christmas cookies.  Thursday morning I saw that my photo of the Icicle Berries had been picked by Wildflowers and More Canada as the photo of the day!  I had taken a lot of great shots of the ice storm while searching for Pete.

I took Sophie to the vet for her annual check-up.  I was afraid to see how much she weighs now, but it wasn’t too bad, 97 pounds.  

Hubby’s iPad isn’t charging, it is pretty old.  It was going to cost $100 to replace the battery so he found one on Marketplace and went and got it but when he got it home no one could figure out how to download an app.  I think maybe it just doesn’t have enough memory for it.  So now he is out $100 and no further ahead.  We went to see the movie about Mr. Rogers last night.  It was a bit slow but crazy to think he was like that in real life, so kind, so calm.