Pete Back Home!

Hubby and I were out searching for Pete all Monday morning.  #1 Son went yesterday morning too and took his drone but it wouldn’t stay charged in the cold. The other drone guy didn’t come as it was snowing so much.  The Tracker Rescue Guy thought Pete was at the Honsberger Estate on J. Rd. .  There is a fancy restaurant etc. on the large rural property.  He gave us all instructions of what to do if we saw Pete.   We all fanned out to search for tracks in the snow. They found fresh poop in an open barn far away from the house so they set up a bowl of food with a motion sensor camera that could be seen on his phone.  There were some tracks near the barn too.   I got some great photos walking around out there though, it was freezing rain and snowing, a winter wonderland!  Hubby and I went home for a rest and then Win asked me to check the Humane Society again but no luck.  In the afternoon, I picked up my parcels from the post office and then helped her put out more flyers.

This morning I was going to put out more flyers for Win as she had to go to work today but the sun was shining and the ice on the trees and everything was so pretty, I had to take some photos first.  About 10 am I was just getting in the car when Win called to say they had Pete cornered at the Floral business on J. Rd!  Hubby and I jumped in the truck and raced over there taking some kolbassa to entice him and a leash with us.  Three ladies had Pete cornered behind a stack of wood pallets, his leash was caught on one.  He kept trying to bite us so I took my coat off and covered him and we were able to get hold of him.  Hubby held him while I drove the truck home where we met Win who had left work.  We were all crying, we were so happy!  And Pete seems fine, cold and tired after his adventure but no worse for wear.

Pete back home again