Ice Storm

#1 Son brought the 2 older boys here before going to his flea market stall.  They came early at 7 am, I was still in bed!  It started freezing rain shortly after that.  There were multiple accidents and a fatal one on the main Highway which they closed down.  Sunday school was cancelled so I didn’t take them to church.  The Christmas concert was also cancelled due to the weather.  

Win and her BF went out looking for the dog about 6:30 am and returned home about 9 as it was getting dangerous walking under the trees covered with ice, suddenly a branch would break off from the weight and come crashing down.  

It was a good day to stay inside! I set the Christmas tree up and had the boys decorate it for me.  They play nicely together now. I kept dozing off by the fire. Win came over about 4 after her BF left for his hour and half drive home.  The hydro is out in many places including where Win lives and a transformer blew near where I work.  We all had veggie lasagna and salad for supper.

Sophie helping decorate
Tyson looking festive