Sore Back, New Years Eve

My back was sore and I didn’t have to babysit the boys, so I didn’t go to church on Sunday.  I went took coffee to #1 Son who was working at the flea market by himself.  It is bigger than I thought and I got lost looking for his booth but finally found it.  Then I went to the Goobers hockey game in NF. His team won.  I rested the remainder of the afternoon and read my book.

Monday and Tuesday I worked.  I picked up my Amazon order at the post office and then made turkey soup for supper.  Hubby went to bed at 10 pm on New Years eve.  He was just too tired to stay up.  I sat by the fire and knitted, read my book and watched the ball drop.

Christmas Week

The Saturday before Christmas, I worked and then took the girls tobogganing at the park as there was just enough snow left.  They had a blast.

On Sunday morning Win and I took all the kids to church for the carol service.  We kept Artie with us while the rest went to Sunday School.  Artie is 9 months old now and so cute.  He loves the music. He looked adorable in his red plaid shirt with a little black bow tie and black pants.  On Monday Hubby and I picked up 2 cords of firewood and stacked them as it was nice out, only -2.  

Tuesday was Christmas Eve and I was busy preparing things for Christmas dinner, setting the table etc.  I also went to see Mom and Bro happened to go at the same time.  It’s funny how we do that. We don’t know the other is going but we show up at the same time.  We also discovered another offbeat English TV show we both love.  After supper I went to the Christmas Eve Service at church. Hubby was exhausted from painting all day at #2 Sons so didn’t go.  #1 Son and family went to church and so did Bro and wife.  

Christmas Day was green.  We had a peaceful morning opening gifts with #2 son and family, putting the turkey in etc.  Everyone else came over about 2 pm. and chaos ensued!  It was very noisy.  We ate about 4 pm. With the 7 kids around the kitchen table and the 8 adults, 2 teenagers and Artie in the dining room.  We shut the door to keep out some of the noise coming from the kitchen lol.

On Boxing Day, I made sweet and sour meatballs and 2 quiches to take to #1 sons where we had our annual Boxing Day family gathering with Hubbys sister and family.  I worked on Friday.  Today, Saturday we went to #2 sons and did painting. Hubby finally got the sprayer working so it was faster.  The Pencil and I did cutting in.  Then Hubby and I went out to dinner with friends and saw the new Jumanji movie afterwards.  It was good.  My back is sore now though.  I don’t have to babysit tomorrow so I can rest it.

Aquarium, Paint, Faux Pas

Monday morning it snowed quite a bit.  A guy was supposed to come and look at the aquarium we have for sale from 3 and a half hours drive away.  I didn’t think he would show up but he did and he bought it.  I didn’t think he would fit it in his little hatchback car, but he did.

On Tuesday I did the church books and then after supper I went to #2 Sons new house and painted.  They had put the insulation in the roof earlier so it was actually warm with the little heaters going. We painted the living room/kitchen heron grey.  It looks good.

I had done up a generic Christmas letter and just added the Dear So and So on the top.  I sent the same letter to my cousin in England earlier, and one to his ex wife and her husband who I am also friends with and just changed the name at the top.  But when I went to print another letter off later on, I noticed it said. “Dear Ken and Julia”. And underneath, “ Hope you and Natasha are well” LOL. Natasha is Julia’s ex husbands girlfriend! Omg! And it was already in the mail! There was nothing I could do!  What a faux pas!

Colonoscopy & New Job

  After work On Friday, I left Hubby sitting on the toilet as he is going for a colonoscopy on Saturday and went to the PAC with Carol to see the new Harriet Tubman movie as we had to use up our free tickets.  It was really good! When it got to the part about our town everyone clapped.

We were up early on Saturday and I drove Hubby to the clinic for his colonoscopy.   It was fine and he just had one small polyp.  It was pouring rain so #2 Son couldn’t work on the soffit.  He just had one 10 foot piece left to do.  They all went and painted the top floor while Hubby and I went to visit Mom.  There was a singer giving a concert in the cafeteria again. He was pretty good,   #2 Son and family went to a Christmas party.   Hubby and I sat by the fire.

Sunday I went to church then watched the boys in the afternoon. Everyone came back here for supper.  On Monday morning Sophie and I went for a walk with Win and Pete.  It was cold and a bit slippery on the trail.  We saw beaver tracks and a tree where he had almost chewed through the trunk. There were also swans, ducks and geese swimming in the cold gray water.  I went shopping and then The Pencil and I picked out paint colours for their house. Win had a job interview today and was hired! The shop where she works now is closing and her last day of work is Dec 20. She starts the new job Jan 6. Perfect!


On Sunday everyone came here to celebrate the Goober and Sugarplums birthdays turning 17 and 8.  Win brought Pete who met Tyson The Rottweiler for the first time and the rest of the family.  Pete settled right in. I worked on Monday.  Poor #2 Son worked in the rain all day installing soffit and fascia.  

On Tuesday Hubby and I worked outside cleaning up the garden, bringing firewood up etc.  I went to #1 Sons to babysit as they were going to a Christmas party.  They got home early at 9pm.  When I got home there were police, ambulance and fire all flashing their lights and blocking our road.  I could get in our driveway but others had to turn around and go another way. Apparently someone hit a pole and went in the ditch.  On Wednesday I wrapped some presents, cleaned, did laundry and then went to see Mom.  They had singers in the cafeteria.  It got very cold today.

Photo of the day, iPad Woes

I went to Euchre Wednesday night at the church, there were 14 out.  We had some wine and cheese and Christmas cookies.  Thursday morning I saw that my photo of the Icicle Berries had been picked by Wildflowers and More Canada as the photo of the day!  I had taken a lot of great shots of the ice storm while searching for Pete.

I took Sophie to the vet for her annual check-up.  I was afraid to see how much she weighs now, but it wasn’t too bad, 97 pounds.  

Hubby’s iPad isn’t charging, it is pretty old.  It was going to cost $100 to replace the battery so he found one on Marketplace and went and got it but when he got it home no one could figure out how to download an app.  I think maybe it just doesn’t have enough memory for it.  So now he is out $100 and no further ahead.  We went to see the movie about Mr. Rogers last night.  It was a bit slow but crazy to think he was like that in real life, so kind, so calm.

Pete Back Home!

Hubby and I were out searching for Pete all Monday morning.  #1 Son went yesterday morning too and took his drone but it wouldn’t stay charged in the cold. The other drone guy didn’t come as it was snowing so much.  The Tracker Rescue Guy thought Pete was at the Honsberger Estate on J. Rd. .  There is a fancy restaurant etc. on the large rural property.  He gave us all instructions of what to do if we saw Pete.   We all fanned out to search for tracks in the snow. They found fresh poop in an open barn far away from the house so they set up a bowl of food with a motion sensor camera that could be seen on his phone.  There were some tracks near the barn too.   I got some great photos walking around out there though, it was freezing rain and snowing, a winter wonderland!  Hubby and I went home for a rest and then Win asked me to check the Humane Society again but no luck.  In the afternoon, I picked up my parcels from the post office and then helped her put out more flyers.

This morning I was going to put out more flyers for Win as she had to go to work today but the sun was shining and the ice on the trees and everything was so pretty, I had to take some photos first.  About 10 am I was just getting in the car when Win called to say they had Pete cornered at the Floral business on J. Rd!  Hubby and I jumped in the truck and raced over there taking some kolbassa to entice him and a leash with us.  Three ladies had Pete cornered behind a stack of wood pallets, his leash was caught on one.  He kept trying to bite us so I took my coat off and covered him and we were able to get hold of him.  Hubby held him while I drove the truck home where we met Win who had left work.  We were all crying, we were so happy!  And Pete seems fine, cold and tired after his adventure but no worse for wear.

Pete back home again

Ice Storm

#1 Son brought the 2 older boys here before going to his flea market stall.  They came early at 7 am, I was still in bed!  It started freezing rain shortly after that.  There were multiple accidents and a fatal one on the main Highway which they closed down.  Sunday school was cancelled so I didn’t take them to church.  The Christmas concert was also cancelled due to the weather.  

Win and her BF went out looking for the dog about 6:30 am and returned home about 9 as it was getting dangerous walking under the trees covered with ice, suddenly a branch would break off from the weight and come crashing down.  

It was a good day to stay inside! I set the Christmas tree up and had the boys decorate it for me.  They play nicely together now. I kept dozing off by the fire. Win came over about 4 after her BF left for his hour and half drive home.  The hydro is out in many places including where Win lives and a transformer blew near where I work.  We all had veggie lasagna and salad for supper.

Sophie helping decorate
Tyson looking festive