Pete is Missing!

Saturday, Nov 30 – Pete is Missing!

I was just about to leave work on Friday when I got a call from Win.  She was frantic and I couldn’t understand what she was saying.  I thought something had happened to the girls. I asked where she was and she said the church so I said I’d be right there.  I drove like mad to get there as quickly as I could.   It wasn’t the girls, they were with A, it was her new dog, Pete.  She had been taking poinsettias out of her van to decorate the church hall for the concert on Sunday and Pete jumped over the seat out of the van.  She couldn’t catch him or get him to come back.  By now it was getting dark.  She said he ran down the hill through the cemetery. So I ran on foot, hoping I wouldn’t fall and break my neck.  I got to the bottom and saw him on the other side of the road, racing toward the intersection.  I couldn’t get across because of all the traffic.  I called Hubby and family to come help look.  We searched and searched for hours in the cold and dark to no avail.  She posted him missing on Facebook, with the SPCA and 411.  She called a dog tracker but he had to come from Hammertown so didn’t get here for an hour.  He brought heat and spotlights and a tracker dog, but no luck.  I finally went home about 10:30.  I was exhausted.  Win stayed at the church until 2:30 am.  She left his crate, dog food and water there but it wasn’t touched in the morning.  Because he is a rescued dog from Korea, he is very shy and timid, never barks, is afraid of people.  At least he has a collar and tags with Wins phone number but he has a red leash dragging behind him that might get caught.

This morning Win went back looking at 7 am.  Hubby and I went about 8.  We were still so tired from Friday.  I took our dog Sophie and let her smell Pete’s bed and we walked all over farmers fields, vineyards, looking in culverts, all over the cemetery while Hubby drove Win in our car.  They trolled the streets, they put up posters and flyers.  We spoke to every person we saw and told them.  Some already knew from FB.  By 10:30, I was exhausted so Hubby and I went home to get warmed up, I was so cold he made a fire.  #2 Son and wife had an appointment to order their kitchen cupboards and flooring so they had to leave for that.  Some of Wins friends came and helped search and brought her food and coffee.  Poor Win is devastated. 

My friend Carolyn said she would come and help if I was going out again.  The tracker came back and was hopeful that Pete would come out of hiding to get something to eat around suppertime, so Carolyn and I went back out at 3:30 driving around with my 4 way flashers going so I could drive slowly but we saw nothing.  We did some walking too and talked to the tracker.  At 6:30 we gave up as we were cold and went home, Wins boyfriend Mike came this afternoon too.  As I am writing this I am sitting by the fire, Win and Mike are still out there looking.