Grey Cup and Lunch

Sunday, November 24 – Grey Cup

Win turned 36 today. She went to her BFs for the weekend.  And my Tigercats are playing in the Grey Cup. Unfortunately, they lost.   I didn’t go to church, I cleaned up the rest of the honey stuff and put 3 balls of waxy stuff in the freezer, did Washing, vacuumed and then put up the outside Christmas lights.

Monday, Nov 25-

I jarred up the rest of the honey and boiled the comb to separate the wax and cleaned up the rest of the pots.  I went for a walk with Sophie and Win and her new dog Pete. We introduced them and then took them for a walk together.  It went well.  

Tues. Nov 26 – lunch

I put up more lights around the hedge arbor and then made my Christmas urn.  Then Carol picked me up and we drove to Fen. And picked up Dot and went out to lunch in a little pub.  The food was good, then we went back to Dots for coffee and dessert. I got home about 4 pm.  

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