Honey and Fraud Workshop

Wednesday, Nov 20 – Honey

I had the day off because I work Saturday so Hubby and I extracted honey ALL day!  We did 30 frames but 4 were empty and a lot of them were only half full.  Then we had CAA take his truck in to be fixed.  We drove down and then went to Costco on the way home for dog food and burgers.  

Thursday Nov 21

I work late today so Hubby and I jarred up most of the honey.  We got about 20 jars again.  We still have some that needs to be squeezed through cheese cloth.  

Saturday, November 23 – Fraud Workshop

I was a guest speaker at an online banking fraud workshop today during work hours.  There were about 20 seniors there. I spoke for about 20 minutes and then they asked a lot of questions, it was good! 

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