Snow Storm and Dog Attack

Monday, Nov 11 Snow Storm

On Sunday I took the boys to church and Win and girls went too.  #1 son and wife ran their flea market booth.  Then In the afternoon, the girls helped me make applesauce from a bushel of apples from our tree and they made supper for everyone.  

On Monday we had a big snow storm   Hubby spent the day shovelling and working at #2 sons.  I did the church books, cleaned and sat by the fire all day.  I made a pot of soup.  On Tuesday I pulled a muscle in my leg.  It was so sore I could hardly walk.  We had a fire again all day.

Sunday, Nov 17/19- Dog Attack

Wednesday night I went to photo club.  The assignment was street photography.  Thursday morning I finished #1 Sons sign for his flea market stall.  It looks pretty good.  

Win had an incident Wed. night after Hubby left when she took Pete, her new rescue dog out for a walk to pee, a dog came charging at them from behind that house with the husky, but it was a different dog. Pete was terrified,  as was She, she yelled at the dog’s owner to keep him tied up and he should know better (only in angry words). There was no biting, but she got knocked off her feet, twisted her ankle, its sore today. And Pete was flailing around trying to bolt, it was really scary. She knelt down and held Pete until he was calm again. She was a mess however. She cried all the way home and then some more when She got home.  The woman from the same house came over to calm them down, that was nice. But she wont be walking him up that st anymore.  I went over after work on 

Friday night to see them. Pete is very timid, would sniff my hand but not let me pat him.  

Yesterday we had a fire all day again.  I went to see mom.  Today I have to give a report at church about synod and then we have parish council so Maddy is watching the boys. #1 Son is on his own as his wife has gone to BC to visit her sister and took Art with her.

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