Synod and Accident

Tues. Nov 5 -Inspection

I did a load of wash, hung it outside,  leaned the bathroom, vacuumed, did the dishes, made a shepherds pie for supper, raked up apples and when Hubby came home from waiting for the inspector, we cleaned off the driveway and took a load to the scrap yard.  Whew! Got a lot done!  #2 Son can start installing the drywall now!

Fri and Sat. Nov. 9 – Synod, Accident

As our church’s lay delegate to Synod. I attended with Pam.  It was held at the Linc. Alex. Centre this year.  It was inspiring.  I sat with Fr Antonio as Pam was a secretary taking minutes.  He gave a speech with slides about the migrant worker program.  My name was up on the screen the second day for seconding a motion for the audit committee.  The guest speaker was excellent.  On the Friday #2 Son and wife went to a memorial service at St. Alfreds for Dominick and on the way home B got into an accident. They weren’t hurt and the car is still drivable.  

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