Move, Exploding Eggs, Lost Job

Mon. Oct 28 – jazz and lazy day

Beautiful and sunny today.  Having a lazy day today, sitting in the sun drinking coffee with Win.  I went to the park and took some photos of the colours.

Yesterday I went to church and then in the afternoon I made a spaghetti squash casserole, then went to the jazz vesper service at church.  

Tues, oct 29 – Move In and Exploding Eggs

I cleaned out the fridge and made cauliflower and cheese for supper.  I left some eggs on the stove to boil and forgot about them.  I heard something sizzling and went in to see the pot smoking. I took it off the burner and shut the stove off and a few seconds later, the eggs all exploded!  Bits of burnt egg and shells all over the stove, the counters the floor, and under the range hood ugh! What a mess. I cleaned it all up, and kept going, cleaned out the fridge, then went outside a picked apples and We cut the grass hopefully for the last time this year. 

Little B moved into the spare room today as he had no place to go.  He is so tall his head touches the head board and his feet touch the footboard of the twin bed.

Sat. Nov 2 – lost job

I went to .costco which was a nightmare because half the parking lot was closed off.  I picked up apples because the big wind and rain the last 2 days knocked them all to the ground.  Then I went to see Mom, had some tea in the cafe.  Win found out yesterday that the shop where she works is closing Dec 22 right before Christmas so she will be out of a job.   I think she is more angry than anything, she told them so many things they could do to increase business but they didn’t listen.  I am babysitting the boys all day tomorrow as D and T got a table at the flea market. They are excited