Pete is Missing!

Saturday, Nov 30 – Pete is Missing!

I was just about to leave work on Friday when I got a call from Win.  She was frantic and I couldn’t understand what she was saying.  I thought something had happened to the girls. I asked where she was and she said the church so I said I’d be right there.  I drove like mad to get there as quickly as I could.   It wasn’t the girls, they were with A, it was her new dog, Pete.  She had been taking poinsettias out of her van to decorate the church hall for the concert on Sunday and Pete jumped over the seat out of the van.  She couldn’t catch him or get him to come back.  By now it was getting dark.  She said he ran down the hill through the cemetery. So I ran on foot, hoping I wouldn’t fall and break my neck.  I got to the bottom and saw him on the other side of the road, racing toward the intersection.  I couldn’t get across because of all the traffic.  I called Hubby and family to come help look.  We searched and searched for hours in the cold and dark to no avail.  She posted him missing on Facebook, with the SPCA and 411.  She called a dog tracker but he had to come from Hammertown so didn’t get here for an hour.  He brought heat and spotlights and a tracker dog, but no luck.  I finally went home about 10:30.  I was exhausted.  Win stayed at the church until 2:30 am.  She left his crate, dog food and water there but it wasn’t touched in the morning.  Because he is a rescued dog from Korea, he is very shy and timid, never barks, is afraid of people.  At least he has a collar and tags with Wins phone number but he has a red leash dragging behind him that might get caught.

This morning Win went back looking at 7 am.  Hubby and I went about 8.  We were still so tired from Friday.  I took our dog Sophie and let her smell Pete’s bed and we walked all over farmers fields, vineyards, looking in culverts, all over the cemetery while Hubby drove Win in our car.  They trolled the streets, they put up posters and flyers.  We spoke to every person we saw and told them.  Some already knew from FB.  By 10:30, I was exhausted so Hubby and I went home to get warmed up, I was so cold he made a fire.  #2 Son and wife had an appointment to order their kitchen cupboards and flooring so they had to leave for that.  Some of Wins friends came and helped search and brought her food and coffee.  Poor Win is devastated. 

My friend Carolyn said she would come and help if I was going out again.  The tracker came back and was hopeful that Pete would come out of hiding to get something to eat around suppertime, so Carolyn and I went back out at 3:30 driving around with my 4 way flashers going so I could drive slowly but we saw nothing.  We did some walking too and talked to the tracker.  At 6:30 we gave up as we were cold and went home, Wins boyfriend Mike came this afternoon too.  As I am writing this I am sitting by the fire, Win and Mike are still out there looking.

Grey Cup and Lunch

Sunday, November 24 – Grey Cup

Win turned 36 today. She went to her BFs for the weekend.  And my Tigercats are playing in the Grey Cup. Unfortunately, they lost.   I didn’t go to church, I cleaned up the rest of the honey stuff and put 3 balls of waxy stuff in the freezer, did Washing, vacuumed and then put up the outside Christmas lights.

Monday, Nov 25-

I jarred up the rest of the honey and boiled the comb to separate the wax and cleaned up the rest of the pots.  I went for a walk with Sophie and Win and her new dog Pete. We introduced them and then took them for a walk together.  It went well.  

Tues. Nov 26 – lunch

I put up more lights around the hedge arbor and then made my Christmas urn.  Then Carol picked me up and we drove to Fen. And picked up Dot and went out to lunch in a little pub.  The food was good, then we went back to Dots for coffee and dessert. I got home about 4 pm.  

Honey and Fraud Workshop

Wednesday, Nov 20 – Honey

I had the day off because I work Saturday so Hubby and I extracted honey ALL day!  We did 30 frames but 4 were empty and a lot of them were only half full.  Then we had CAA take his truck in to be fixed.  We drove down and then went to Costco on the way home for dog food and burgers.  

Thursday Nov 21

I work late today so Hubby and I jarred up most of the honey.  We got about 20 jars again.  We still have some that needs to be squeezed through cheese cloth.  

Saturday, November 23 – Fraud Workshop

I was a guest speaker at an online banking fraud workshop today during work hours.  There were about 20 seniors there. I spoke for about 20 minutes and then they asked a lot of questions, it was good! 

Snow Storm and Dog Attack

Monday, Nov 11 Snow Storm

On Sunday I took the boys to church and Win and girls went too.  #1 son and wife ran their flea market booth.  Then In the afternoon, the girls helped me make applesauce from a bushel of apples from our tree and they made supper for everyone.  

On Monday we had a big snow storm   Hubby spent the day shovelling and working at #2 sons.  I did the church books, cleaned and sat by the fire all day.  I made a pot of soup.  On Tuesday I pulled a muscle in my leg.  It was so sore I could hardly walk.  We had a fire again all day.

Sunday, Nov 17/19- Dog Attack

Wednesday night I went to photo club.  The assignment was street photography.  Thursday morning I finished #1 Sons sign for his flea market stall.  It looks pretty good.  

Win had an incident Wed. night after Hubby left when she took Pete, her new rescue dog out for a walk to pee, a dog came charging at them from behind that house with the husky, but it was a different dog. Pete was terrified,  as was She, she yelled at the dog’s owner to keep him tied up and he should know better (only in angry words). There was no biting, but she got knocked off her feet, twisted her ankle, its sore today. And Pete was flailing around trying to bolt, it was really scary. She knelt down and held Pete until he was calm again. She was a mess however. She cried all the way home and then some more when She got home.  The woman from the same house came over to calm them down, that was nice. But she wont be walking him up that st anymore.  I went over after work on 

Friday night to see them. Pete is very timid, would sniff my hand but not let me pat him.  

Yesterday we had a fire all day again.  I went to see mom.  Today I have to give a report at church about synod and then we have parish council so Maddy is watching the boys. #1 Son is on his own as his wife has gone to BC to visit her sister and took Art with her.

Synod and Accident

Tues. Nov 5 -Inspection

I did a load of wash, hung it outside,  leaned the bathroom, vacuumed, did the dishes, made a shepherds pie for supper, raked up apples and when Hubby came home from waiting for the inspector, we cleaned off the driveway and took a load to the scrap yard.  Whew! Got a lot done!  #2 Son can start installing the drywall now!

Fri and Sat. Nov. 9 – Synod, Accident

As our church’s lay delegate to Synod. I attended with Pam.  It was held at the Linc. Alex. Centre this year.  It was inspiring.  I sat with Fr Antonio as Pam was a secretary taking minutes.  He gave a speech with slides about the migrant worker program.  My name was up on the screen the second day for seconding a motion for the audit committee.  The guest speaker was excellent.  On the Friday #2 Son and wife went to a memorial service at St. Alfreds for Dominick and on the way home B got into an accident. They weren’t hurt and the car is still drivable.  

Flea Market, Babysitting

Sun. Nov 3 – babysitting & Flea Market

B and M went to church with me and boys. Arthur was good. He liked the music.  He is finally asleep now. Ham, mashed pots, squash in oven, coleslaw made ready to feed everybody when they come home.  Hubby went to funeral reception for our old boss.

Monday, Nov 4 – Boats Moved

Hubby and I spent the day moving the boats around and jacking the old one up.  We also cut down a small tree and he took it to the dump.  I did laundry and all the dishes from yesterday.  

Move, Exploding Eggs, Lost Job

Mon. Oct 28 – jazz and lazy day

Beautiful and sunny today.  Having a lazy day today, sitting in the sun drinking coffee with Win.  I went to the park and took some photos of the colours.

Yesterday I went to church and then in the afternoon I made a spaghetti squash casserole, then went to the jazz vesper service at church.  

Tues, oct 29 – Move In and Exploding Eggs

I cleaned out the fridge and made cauliflower and cheese for supper.  I left some eggs on the stove to boil and forgot about them.  I heard something sizzling and went in to see the pot smoking. I took it off the burner and shut the stove off and a few seconds later, the eggs all exploded!  Bits of burnt egg and shells all over the stove, the counters the floor, and under the range hood ugh! What a mess. I cleaned it all up, and kept going, cleaned out the fridge, then went outside a picked apples and We cut the grass hopefully for the last time this year. 

Little B moved into the spare room today as he had no place to go.  He is so tall his head touches the head board and his feet touch the footboard of the twin bed.

Sat. Nov 2 – lost job

I went to .costco which was a nightmare because half the parking lot was closed off.  I picked up apples because the big wind and rain the last 2 days knocked them all to the ground.  Then I went to see Mom, had some tea in the cafe.  Win found out yesterday that the shop where she works is closing Dec 22 right before Christmas so she will be out of a job.   I think she is more angry than anything, she told them so many things they could do to increase business but they didn’t listen.  I am babysitting the boys all day tomorrow as D and T got a table at the flea market. They are excited