Walnut Tree Down

Sat. Oct 26 – Walnut Tree Down

Ugh! There is supposed to be a big storm coming later today, rain and high winds.  The walnut tree out front is dead and swaying a lot so Hubby cut a couple of branches off the other day and #2 Son came home from work today to help him cut the rest down but he has been trying to fix his truck instead. So annoying.  He won’t quit. He has been working on it all week! He thought it was the brakes then discovered it is the bearings.  They keep giving him the wrong parts and he has to go back.  I don’t know. Crazy!

The Goober came over after hockey and he #2 Son cut the tree down.  Wow, good job done!  Had to keep it away from the hydro wire too.  We got it all cut up and stacked and put away.  So glad I made turkey soup this morning for supper, it was so good when we came in!  Treating them all to Marble Slab icecream for dessert.

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