Rotten Board & Election

Sunday, Oct 20 – Rotten Board!

I had parish council after church till 2, then went to a funeral at cave springs winery, really nice, like a party.  Came home and was so nice started to put the patio stuff up in top of the garage. We got it all ready at the bottom and I went up to the top. B handed me a chair and just as I turned to put it in the door, my leg fell through a rotten board!  I have a big scrape and will have a huge bruise tomorrow!  Now Hubby has to fix it before we can put the stuff away and it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week.  #2 Son and his friend ran a half marathon along the parkway his morning.  They did it in 2 hours, 20 minutes which was good,

Monday Oct 21 – Election Day

My leg is sore.  I can’t lay on my right side, it hurts when anything touches it.  Went to vote this morning.  B is voting for her very first time, same with Little B.  Won’t know results until tomorrow.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day.  Hubby fooled trying to fix his truck all day.  He got new pads and rotors as the auto place had given him the wrong ones.  Now he thinks it is the bearings.  I did laundry, did some weeding, got the porch carpet ready to put away for the winter, and then went out to supper with church group.  #2 Son took day off so he was there when the inspector came.  Still has a few small things to do but they can start the  insulation.  

Tuesday, Oct 22 

I made a pork roast for supper.  Ken worked on his truck again.  I got the church books caught up

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