Sat. Oct 12 – cleaning

I got the stuffing ready for Sunday and then I cleaned out the dining room.  Now we can move in there and 8 adults can eat around the table and I will have 8 kids around the kitchen table.  I was exhausted afterward.  Too tired to go for a skate.

Sunday, Oct 13 – Thanksgiving

I took the boys and Maddy to church, Win brought the girls but there was no Sunday school.  It was cool and cloudy off and on.  #2 Son had a crew, including #1 Son, over at the new house to correct the things the inspector said had to be done.  We ate about 5 pm.  I wasn’t feeling good, didn’t eat too much, had cramps in my stomach. I fell asleep after dinner while the girls did the dishes. I went to bed early.

Monday, Oct 14 – Art Show

I feel better today.  I did all the dessert dishes and put everything away and back to normal.  After lunch Win picked me up and we went to the Balls Falls Art Show but it was very expensive, $7 each to get in, mostly food, didn’t buy anything.  We had parked the car up the road so we got a good walk in.  Hen we went to see Mom. We took her down to the cafeteria and got her a tea and we had coffee.  Then we went home and had leftovers for supper.  Hubby worked on his truck as Frank welded up a hole.  I work Tuesday, off Wed.

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