New Car, Bishop

Saturday, Oct 5 – Toyota Rav 4

Since my old Camry is 16 years old, Hubby and I went car shopping this morning and I found a car I really liked.  It is a 2018 Rav 4 xle with 31,295 km for $28999.  – $32,400 with the tax etc.  It has heated seats, heated steering wheel, back up cam etc,  everything I wanted.  We went home and I went to see mom and take her to a gospel concert at the home.  It was good.  I went back home and back to the dealer and signed the papers to buy the car but when they went over the warranty she said it is front wheel drive and we thought it was all wheel so she said to come back Monday with Hubby.

Sunday, Oct 6 – Bishop Susan

I went to church as the Bishop was at our service today.  We had a light lunch in the hearth room afterward.  I came home, raked apples and cut all the grass.  Then I got some groceries including some squash to cook tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Made Mac salad for supper.  May have to babysit tomorrow as the school support staff may go on strike tonight at midnight.

Monday, Oct 7 – Cars

I went to WW and was down again for a total of 18.5 lbs.  Win got her 25 lbs!   I didn’t renew my membership as I only have 6 lbs to go.  I got some more groceries, had lunch and then we went to Performance cars to see about the Rav 4.  We pick it up on Thurs morning.  I didn’t have to get the boys off the bus as #1 Son got home in time.  I baked a lot of squash and froze it and did some spaghetti squash for tomorrow.  B is going to use my car but now it has a flat tire. Ugh!