New Boat

Tuesday, Oct 1 – Bottling honey

I did dishes and laundry. Hubby had hung the tablecloth we put on the floor while doing the honey, on the clothesline and it was covered with bees.  Hung the clothes up anyway. It was fine.  We spent most of the afternoon put the honey through one more sieve and bottling it.  We got 20 x 500 ml jars.  #1 Son drove to Toronto to pick up a load from an auction so I had to go and pick up the kids after school.  Brought them back and gave them supper.

Friday, Oct 4- New Boat

I went to Euchre Wednesday night.  Today Hubby was supposed to go with Frank to look at a used boat for sale near Dunnville.  They left here at noon and when I got home at 5, no one was home.  I picked tomatoes as we are supposed to get a frost tonight, had my supper and about 7 as they still weren’t home, I messaged he guy with the boat and he replied that no one came to look at it today. That scared me as I thought of what happened to Tim Bosna when he sold a truck on kijiji and was murdered!  I called B and she was shocked and said she’d be right home. I called Frank but the line was busy, then B told me Frank didn’t go, Eric did.  So I called Eric’s cell and got hold of them. They were sitting having coffee nearby. Geez!  They had been to see the first boat but got there early before the seller and looked at it and saw it was a piece of crap, so left before he got there. Then they looked at some other boats and ended up buying one in Welland.  They paid $4100. For it and brought it home.  

Bs car is broken down. It might be the big battery and it’s not worth paying for a new one as it’s a hybrid.  I may have to go shopping for a new car so she can have mine.

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