Parade, Beets, Honey

Sat. Sept 28 – Parade – We left home about 8:45 going down the qew to Giant Tiger.  There was lots of parking so I drove the girls to where they were to start the parade and drove to the end of the parade, parked and walked to the armoury.  I was one of the first ones there at 9:30.  We finally started the parade at 11:05.  W and P walked with the Highland dancers and R was on a float. Ps face was so red by the end lol, she danced most of the way.  The route is about 5 km.  

I went to see mom.  She looked good, no oxygen now. We went out for supper at Bugsys and now I have the runs!  And so does Hubby.

Sunday, Sep 29 – Honey Harvest – After church we had a “graduation” lunch to celebrate the anniversary of our refugee family arriving one year ago.  Then I went home and the Goober and #2 Son were starting to harvest the honey so I got changed and B and I helped.  We used the extractor I had borrowed but the honey was really thick this year so we put it through cheese cloth and then the sieve.  We got a large pot full.  Then at 5 B, Maddy and I picked up  8 migrant workers and drove them to the church.  We made the salads using cherry tomatoes from the garden.  We used 4 boxes of spring mix lettuce from Costco, 4 peppers and 2 cucumbers and one red onion.  

Monday, Sep 30 – Beets. – I went to WW. I was down another pound. 18 total. W was up 2.  Hubby and I canned pickled beets and froze cubed beets for Harvard beets.  We did 30 pounds as Superstore had them on for 10 lbs for $2.  We had some Harvard beets for supper too. Everyone liked them.  #2 Son goes back to work tomorrow.  Hubby is looking to buy a bigger boat.