Appendix, Pig Roast, 1/2 Marathon

Friday, Sept. 20 – Appendix

Hubby was in a lot of pain this morning so B took him to the clinic and I took Maddy to school.  I stopped at the clinic on the way back and it wasn’t good.  The doctor there said he should have gone to the hospital so we asked them to call an ambulance as he was feeling faint and nauseous.  #1 Son and wife and Art came while we were in the waiting room.  Then they put him on a gurney in the hallway near the triage door. 

 They did a cat scan.  Then when we told them he had a collapsed lung, they had to do an X-ray because when they give you anesthetic it would leak out of the lung. They can still do the surgery but they have to plug it up or something. He was on a gurney in the hallway the whole day. It was very interesting because we were by the triage and saw so many paramedics, police, crisis people, firemen. They gave one guy 5 doses of narcan.  2 came in in handcuffs, 1 lady 6 mo pregnant came in unconscious etc.   One lady had been riding her bike and her sweater caught in the brakes and she went over the handlebars.  Her face was all smashed in.  He finally got a room on the fifth floor which is the surgery floor and so once settled, we went home, stopping at Macdonalds for supper on the way.  They will call us if he gets called in for surgery.

Saturday Sep 21/ – surgery and pig roast

I went to work to try to get caught up. B messaged me at 10:30 that Hubby was going in for his surgery in 5 minutes! As there was a cancellation.  I left work at noon, went home, changed and had lunch and went to the hospital.  He got back to his room about 1:30.  B and Maddy were there too.  He could have come home after supper but we convinced him to stay overnight.  We left about 4.

We all went to the church pig roast about 5.  It was so hot at the gym, everyone moved outside to the patio after they ate. They had a good crowd, there was no food leftover!  The band was really good.  W and her girlfriends and me and Carolyn were up dancing.  It was over by 8:30.

Sunday, Sep 22 – Run for the Grapes

Got Hubby out of the hospital at 8:30. Then about 10:30 B and I went down to the finish line of the half marathon (21 km) run for the grapes.  No church today.  It took #2 Son and his friend Paul 2 hours and 52 minutes to cross the finish line.  They walked the last 5 kms or so because Paul’s calves were burning.  It was very hot out and humid.  We were waiting, waiting and getting worried because they can do it in better time than that.  But good for them for finishing!  #2 Son and his friends then decided to put one of the big windows in the new house afterwards.  Hubby and I spend the afternoon canning pears, a nice sit down job for him to do.

Monday, I picked berries, tomatoes and beans.  I made cauliflower an cheese and ham for supper.

Tuesday , Sep 24 – dentist, Hair

I had a dentist appt for a cleaning and he found one of my old crowns was loose. So the dentist looked at it, took it out, cleaned it up and cemented it back in with no freezing. Phew, that saved me $1000 if I had lost it!  Got my hair cut this afternoon and went to work for a call night to make up time off last week.