Hubby’s Birthday, Sauce + Pears

Thurs.Sep 12 – I thought I had my photo club Wednesday night on Kens Birthday so arranged to go out Thursday night instead and then discovered the meeting is next week.  We all met at Chucks Roadhouse for dinner, even Owen came.  They don’t take reservations so there was a 40 minute wait but it was nice and the food was good except Win and I ordered a chicken salad and it was just a bag of salad dumped in a bowl with other stuff thrown in. You could smell it wasn’t fresh so we sent it back and got roast beef instead.  

Sat. Sept 14 –#2 Son is still trying to get his truck fixed.  He is going to put locks on the doors at his house today.  Ken just has to do the top ridge of the workshop roof and it will be done. I put a stupid comment on a newspaper site yesterday and got nasty comments back.  I worried about it all day and couldn’t sleep last night. There is no way to take it off.  So dumb. Need to keep my mouth shut.  A had surgery on Thurs on his nose for sleep apnea and J looked after the girls while he was in hospital.  Win works today and M is taking them to dance. A better not say anything about that.

I went to church on Sunday. Win and M and kids came over for supper.  M made sauce and pasta.  The girls spruced up my Fall wreath for me.  On Monday, I cleaned the house and picked berries and veggies and made 3 jars of sauce.  I cut all the grass and weeded the garden.  On Tuesday, I cleaned the kitchen and picked pears and apples.  Then I picked Maddy up from school and had a look at the new house.  It’s coming along nicely.  He hopes to pour the basement cement tomorrow.

Wed. Sept. 18 – I have today off as I work Saturday.  I pickled beets from the garden, peeled apples and sliced with the apple slicer, from the Macintosh tree and made crustless apple pie in the small slow cooker.  Also made curry chicken for supper. Hubby picked pears and had a fire to burn some. Rush out the back.  We went to Costco and got propane.  Went to photo club at night.