New Fridge and Tennis

Tues. Sept. 3 – First Day  of School – I worked on The workshop roof and #1 Son came to help him about 3 pm.  They are ready to put the tar paper and shingles up tomorrow.  I picked 4 qts of blackberries, 4 qts of beans and tomatoes and froze them.  

Monday, Sep 9- Fridge, tennis – B found a really nice fridge and stove on marketplace so k and I have to go get it this morning and then get rebar for Dave so he can do the cement for the front steps tomorrow.  Owen helped ken finish the one side of the workshop roof yesterday.

I went to church yesterday and then parish council which lasted until 2.  B and I raked up all the apples and dumped them but I got stung by a wasp.  And then I discovered that my FB had been hacked!  Ugh!  I cut all the grass.  I roasted a leg of lamb with green beans from the garden for supper. Win came over too. Her and M had gone to pick up their tent trailer they bought from Phil.  #1 Son and wife had a garage sale today.

On Saturday I picked more beans and blackberries and tomatoes and froze them.  I cut beans while watching the US Open tennis with Bianca Andrescu, the Canadian from Mississauga and she beat Serena Williams!