Migrant Dinner, Bruise

Sunday Aug 25 – I went to church and arranged to pick up migrant workers at 5.  As so many of the volunteers were away, we just gave them pizza and salad and cake.  Hubby took Bs car as they were going to a Bbq.  

Monday, I went to W.W and got my 10 pound charm.  Win was at Ms for his birthday so didn’t go.  B and I helped #2 Son finish the forms for the cement patio.  It was hard work and I tripped and fell over the boards and got a humongous bruise on my leg.  

On Tuesday, Hubby went to pick up the rebar for the cement porch, then #1 Son and family came over,  and he helped Hubby do more of the workshop roof.  When the plywood and tarp were back on, we all went to Merritt to help with the pouring of the cement, but first I had to run around looking for expansion bits as #2 Son had forgotten to get them.  He had lots of help and got it done.  Thursday and Friday night they put some of the windows in the new house.  On top of all his #2 sons truck broke down and he needs new bearings in it.  Win and the girls went up to the cottage for the weekend.  

Sunday– I confronted H about his drinking. He admitted that the doctor told him he needs to quit or he won’t see 75.  She had given him the name of a counsellor and says he will call on Tuesday.  He worked all day on the workshop roof.  B and I made WW berry cobbler and spaghetti for supper.  #2 so. And the Goober are on their way back from the cottage.

Monday – Labour Day I made 3 salads for our Labour Day BBQ at Bros.  We got there about 1:45.  The sun came out and it warmed up a bit so some of us went swimming.  We had a nice time talking and swimming and eating and drinking.