Pneumonia, Tie Dyes, Bell

Sunday, Aug 11 – pneumonia, packing, tie dyes, Bell

I went to see Mom after work yesterday.  She was wheezing a lot and had the same cough as I have.  They had her on an inhaler machine.  We played triominoes.  I went to church, made coleslaw and we all went to # 1 Sons for Clyde’s 4th Birthday.  It was a beautiful day to sit outside.  They all had fun making some tie dye shirts.

On Monday we went to WW. And then Win and I packed up her van with all the camping gear

On Tuesday, I cleaned out under the porch, weeded, picked black berries, bought some new running shoes, made supper – hamburger rice with zucchini, corn, grn pepper.

Thursday morning I packed my clothes for camping and then got some groceries before work. I was also on the phone with Bell for an hour or more trying to get the internet speeded up!

On Friday, Bell showed up at our house and changed a bunch of old wires and hooked up a new modem.  They were here all afternoon.  We booked our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.  Finished packing for camping, leaving tomorrow.

Trip to Rock Lake Etc

.Sat. Aug. 17 – Algonquin Trip

We left just after 7:30.  We got to Jordan and had to pull over and tighten the canoe straps.  When Win pulled the back one, the canoe handle broke!  We put the third strap right around the canoe and it was fine.  We got to

Huntsville before we stopped. Went into Timmies and got to Rock Lake about 12:30 ish.  It absolutely poured rain the whole way from home to Algonquin.  But when we got to Rock Lake it stopped.  We set up Wins tents and took mine to our site.  Her site was #11, a nice site.  We had burgers for supper, they cooked hotdogs on the fire. Laura arrived about 9:30 pm.  We went to bed early.

Sun. Aug. 18 -Loons!we were up about 8, had breakfast and then the 4 oldies went on a canoe ride.  We saw a loon feeding her 2 youngsters. It was so cool.  We saw some black ducks, a heron, purple pickerel weed was all in bloom and the white waterlillies.  At breakfast in the campsite, we saw red eyed vireos, cape bay vireo, black and white vireos, a fly catcher, cedar waxwings, and a hummingbird.  Win and Laura and kids went on a hike to Booths rock and then went to the beach after lunch.  We rested.

Mon. Aug 19 – Beaver Pond Trail

We went to the Visitor Centre and showed the naturalist my photos of the loons, video and warblers.  Then we all went on the Beaver Pond Trail (2km).  We got back to the campsite about 2 had lunch and read our books. Win and their group went to the beach.  After supper we had a sing song by the fire.

I finished King and Maxwell – Baldacci

Started Kingdom of Blind by Louise Penny, fin Aug 22

Started My Secret Sister, Helen Edwards and Jenny lee smith

Tues. Aug 20 –Bev , Cindy and I got up early and left at 7 to go to Mew Lake, birding.  We stopped off at Lake of two rivers to take photos of the morning mist on the water.  We hiked down the old RR Trail to the old abandoned airfield and took a path through the scrub brush crossing it.  We saw a Sharp Shinned Hawk on a dead tree branch eating it’s prey.  We got some good pictures.  At the other side, We took the path to the left toward the forest.  The morning dew was still on the grass and leaves sparkling in the sun.  I spotted 2 pileated woodpeckers flying and we hurried closer to where they landed.  I captured a good photo of the one sitting in the top of a dead tree.  We carried on into the forest hoping to see a Gray Jay but didn’t. We returned to the car and drove around the Mew Lake campground to see what the sites looked like.  They were nice but you could hear the road a lot.  We stopped at the washrooms and saw a White Throated Sparrow.  We returned to our campsite and had breakfast and then as Win and her group were going canoeing, Min, J and I decided to go too in our canoe.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We canoed to Whitefish Lake and back.  We had some lunch and then J and I went for a swim with Win and her group.

Wed. Aug 21 – Lazy Day

The four oldsters sat around the campsite all day reading and knitting and talking.  Win and her group went to the visitor centre, had lunch in a cafe, went on the spruce bog hike and then went to the portage store for icecream.  We had a singsong around the fire again.

Thurs. Aug 22 –it is cooler today.  Laura and Ruby have to go home today.  We slept in until 8 or 9 even though we went to bed at 9.  We went to the Portage Store and J bought 2 tea shirts and I bought a travel mug for #2 Son.  Then we went on a short spruce bog trail and then to the art gallery.  We went back to the campsite and had an early supper and then J wanted me to knit her a jacket for her new travel mug. We had a singsong around the fire even though Min found out her next door neighbor died unexpectedly and she didn’t feel like it.

Fri. Aug. 23 – Trip Home

We packed up and left about 11:15.  We stopped in Gravenhurst for lunch at a family restaurant.  We took the etr 407 all the way from the 400 to Burlington.  We got the girls back to A at 5:20, just in the nick of time.

Sat. Aug 24 – Rampage

I lost it on Madison because she didn’t pick the blackberries like I asked her to while I was away.  I told her she was t going anywhere until she picked them. Then I see her leaving with B.  I lost it.  The good news is I was so angry I went on a rampage, did all the dishes ,2 loads of wash, dried all the camping stuff and it’s all put away lol

Hubby worked on the workshop roof.  I lifted plywood up to him.  We were so exhausted we bought subs for supper.