Pneumonia, Tie Dyes, Packing, Bell

Sunday, Aug 11 – I went to see Mom after work yesterday.  She was wheezing a lot and had the same cough as I have.  They had her on an inhaler machine.  We played triominoes.  They also had an outbreak of scabies!  Ew!!  I went to church, made coleslaw and we all went to # 1 Sons for Clyde’s 4th Birthday.  It was a beautiful day to sit outside.  They all had fun making some tie dye shirts.

On Monday we went to WW. And then Win and I packed up her van with all the camping gear

On Tuesday, I cleaned out under the porch, weeded, picked black berries, bought some new running shoes, made supper – hamburger rice with zucchini, corn, grn pepper.

Thursday morning I packed my clothes for camping and then got some groceries before work. I was also on the phone with Bell for an hour or more trying to get the internet speeded up!

On Friday, Bell showed up at our house and changed a bunch of old wires and hooked up a new modem.  They were here all afternoon.