Accident, camping, WW and Bee Stings

Sat. July 13/19 – Accident

#2 Son had to go to work this morning.  He and Goober, Maddy and Mason are going camping tomorrow for a week.  On his way home from work his truck got a flat tire and his wife went out to get groceries for them and she got into a fender bender.  Geez!  Always something!  Then they were packing up and realized the trailer was broken and they needed a new light for the trailer.  They took it to Franks and he welded it for them and they got,a new light.

Sunday, July 14 – Gone  Camping

I was awake at 2:30 am, I heard #2 Son and grandkids get up at 3 so I got up to help hem pack the coolers and see them off.  They finally got away by 4:30 am. And arrived at Grundy about 9:30 am. It was a beautiful day, a little warm in the afternoon.  I read my book, weeded the garden and between the sidewalk stones.  Win came for supper and then her and B and dogs and I went for a 2 km walk around the block and then we went to the farm around the corner and picked raspberries.  I watched the new Grantchester show on PBS.

Monday, July 15 -WW first week

Win and I went to Weight Watchers.  She lost 4 pounds and I lost 3! Not bad for the first week!  I did some more weeding, Hubby burned some branches.  Win came for supper and then we went on another 3 km walk.  B picked more raspberries and mulberries.

Tuesday, July 16 Bee Stings

Very hot and humid today.  Hubby took the used oil down to the scrap yard and arranged for George to come and pick up our old oil tank.  I cut the grass out front and then thought I would just cut around the garden, forgetting that Hubby had told me the bees are getting ready to swarm.  When I got down near the hives, they attacked me.  I got back to the house but had knocked my glasses off in the grass somewhere.  I got stung about 9 times, 3 on the side of my head, 2 on my chin, my hand, and my ankle.  I took some Tylenol and out a cold compress on them after taking the stingers out that I could see.  When Hubby came home he went out and found my glasses and then he put the lawn mower away.   He didn’t have the blade going so they didn’t bother him.

After lunch Hubby borrowed a tractor from the farmer down the road and he and a guy from the scrap yard loaded the old oil tank onto his cube van.  It was rather awkward but they eventually figured out how to get it on.