WW, Lymes disease, Red Currants

On Sunday, I skipped church today and got the church books caught up to date instead.   Then I did laundry and # 2 Son water proofed his tent and then hooked up the stereo and speakers outside for me.  Beautiful day but cool wind.  Glad we went swimming yesterday.  Hubby changed the oil in his truck.

Yesterday, Win and I started Weight Watchers.  Maggie an old friend was the leader.  She is so good and fun and was happy to see us. It was 2001 when I’ve Me a lifetime member.  I still had my card.  I hadn’t been back since then.

We made Hubby go to a clinic as he couldn’t get in to see our doctor and he had many symptoms of lymes disease.  He just hasn’t been feeling well lately.  The clinic doctor gave him medicine for lymes but didn’t do a blood test or anything.  He sees our doctor on Friday.  B and the Goober started working on the farm today picking red currants.  I went shopping and then I drove the Goober to his driving lesson in Well. I sat and read my book in the mall parking lot in the shade after shopping.  His lessons was 2 hours but not worth going home.

Today I cleaned the house and did some weeding. I made a cowboy rice salad for supper.   BAck to work tomorrow and photo club tomorrow night.