Fishing, Migrants, Canada Day

Sunday, June 30 – I went to church.  It was a bit cooler today.  #1 Son brought the 2 youngest for me and Maddy to babysit.  T and M were at a birthday party.  We BBQd some burgers for “lupper”.  Then #1, #2 Son his wife, the Goober, Hubby and his friend Frank went on a fishing boat charter in Lake Ontario.  They loved it, had lots of fun and caught some big salmon, 18-20 pounds.  They left about 3 pm and didn’t get back until 10.  They saw fireworks out on the water.  They filleted some of the fish when they got home but they were all very tired.

After church I checked out one of the migrant worker houses and left a flyer.  At 5 pm I met Fr. Antonio at the one farm, we picked up one guy.   I told him we should go to the house I left a flyer at and we picked up 4 more guys.  I drove them to church.  We had burgers and salad and cake for them.

Mon. July 1 – Canada Day

A beautiful day.  We ended up working in the garden. #2 Son and I laid railroad ties along the one fence.  the Goober cut a lot of branches down and burned them.  B picked a big bowl of mulberries.  Then we went for a swim at Marks.  We had grilled salmon, coleslaw, lettuce salad, and rice for supper.  So tired now