Bee stings and Trip to Ottawa

Friday, July 19/19

My bee stings still hurt a bit.  Packed for the trip to Janet’s Thursday morning.  Hubby got stung twice by the bees while working in the garden.  Very hot and humid today. #2 Son and kids came home last night about 3 am.  They heard it was supposed to rain at the park they were at so they packed up Thurs. night about 9 and left at 10 pm just. Score it started raining.  B picked a lot more raspberries so I froze some and I made a picnic lunch for us to take tomorrow.

Sat. July 20 – Girls Road Trip to Ottawa

Win and I and the girls left home at 7:50 am.  It was still very hot and humid. We stopped just before Kingston for lunch about 11:15.  We used the washrooms and then went into to picnic area.  It was nice and clean and there was no one in it so we picked a table in the shade and had our salads and hard boiled eggs and fruit for lunch.  I taught the girls how to shoot cherry pits at a tree.  I’m sure the chipmunks had a feast after we left.  I drove the rest of the way and we arrived at Janet’s about 2:30.  We had a rest, and then went to see the movie, The Lion King at the 4:15 show with recline seats.  It was good.  Janet and I especially like it because we had just been to South Africa.  We had lasagna for supper.

Sun. July 21 – Tour of Ottawa

Win and the girls left at 8:30 heading for Quebec City.  They got to their hotel about 2:30.  Janet and I left about 9 headed downtown to find a parking spot and then to the parliament buildings to see the changing of the guard.  We sat on the grass as all the bleachers were full.  To see it well you need to sit on the left.  Next we headed for,the war memorial to meet up with our guide for a free 2 hour walking tour.  It was extremely hot and humid.  We watched the changing of the guard there as well.  The war memorial has peace and liberty on the very top and in the middle, 22 soldiers etc, representing all divisions of the military.  We walked back to the parliament buildings, past the Chateaux Laurier, passed the locks, along the Ottawa River path to the Byward Market, then past Notre Dsme cathedral, the National Art Gallery and up to Nepean point for a view of the city and that is where the tour ended.  We walked back and went in the cathedral for a bit.  We were dead tired and so hot and thirsty!  We walked back and went in the Performing Arts. CEnter but it wasn’t that cool so we trudged back to the car and home.

We had a rest, cooled off, had supper and then went back out to see the light show at night.  We went early and parked closer so we did t have so far to walk.  We sat on the bleachers which were hard on the bum.  It started st 10 pm and lasted a half hour.  It was good, worth going.

Mon. July 22/19 – Rideau Hall

We had a rest, sat outside and read for a while and then we go Rideau Hall where the Governor General lives.  We wandered around the grounds and then went on a guided tour of the inside.  It was a bit cooler today.

B messaged me at 3 am to say “I came to the hospital by ambulance today and I was just told I have to have kidney surgery again.  they just called in a surgeon to talk to me I will keep you posted.  I have an 8mm kidney stone a few that ruptured but the big thing is that that one stone is obstructing my ability to go pee”

Tues. July 23 – shopping and tours

We sat outside and read and then went to a mall, shopping.  I got 2 new tank tops on sale.  We got some groceries and stopped in at a travel agent for some brochures.  We went home and studied them.  We found a cruise in SE Asia we like and a tour of Ireland and Scotland we like.  After supper we went to see the movie “Yesterday”.  It was good.  B had her surgery this morning at 8 am.

Wed. July 24 – The Mint and Art Gallery

We rode the bus down town and went on a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint.  They only make investment coins and sets there not everyday coins.  Next we wandered around the National Art Gallery, the group of 7, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr etc.  There were 2 Gustav Klimt pieces and some Gauguins there too. We found the controversial Voice of Fire.  We walked over to theBank of Canada museum and looked around and then walked back to get the bus home.  It was a nice day and we got 14,000 steps but I had forgot my Fitbit home on the charger. Ugh.  We sat outside and read until Win and the girls showed up about 6ish.  We had supper and then they went for a walk to the park.  We were too tired.  We watched Mayday and went to bed.

Thurs. Jul 25 – Back Home

We left a t 9:10 and I drove until noon.  It was slow going through Ottawa but fine once we got past it.  We had lunch in a picnic area and then Win drove.  It was fine until we got to about Oshawa and then it was very slow.  We finally got home at 4:30.  Puddin had an art class at 5 and Sugarplum had soccer at 7.

Friday, Jul 26 – Back to work

I did some washing etc and went in to work at noon.  I was so busy, and grumpy and now have a bad cold!

Saturday, Jul 27 – #2 sons Birthday

#2 Son turned 39 today.  He had to work.  Hubby and I started fixing the back deck.  We blocked it off so the dogs couldn’t get out and then tore down the existing stairs.  #2 came home and after lunch helped Hubby tear off the 2x6s.  It was so hot and humid, we had to quit.  Win and M went to a Blue Jays game.  They were down 9/2 but came back in the 9th inning to tie it, then in the bottom of the 12th they got a home run to win it.  I have a bad headache now with the cold. J called as we are still looking at different tours for 2020, maybe Vietnam and Cambodia.

Accident, camping, WW and Bee Stings

Sat. July 13/19 – Accident

#2 Son had to go to work this morning.  He and Goober, Maddy and Mason are going camping tomorrow for a week.  On his way home from work his truck got a flat tire and his wife went out to get groceries for them and she got into a fender bender.  Geez!  Always something!  Then they were packing up and realized the trailer was broken and they needed a new light for the trailer.  They took it to Franks and he welded it for them and they got,a new light.

Sunday, July 14 – Gone  Camping

I was awake at 2:30 am, I heard #2 Son and grandkids get up at 3 so I got up to help hem pack the coolers and see them off.  They finally got away by 4:30 am. And arrived at Grundy about 9:30 am. It was a beautiful day, a little warm in the afternoon.  I read my book, weeded the garden and between the sidewalk stones.  Win came for supper and then her and B and dogs and I went for a 2 km walk around the block and then we went to the farm around the corner and picked raspberries.  I watched the new Grantchester show on PBS.

Monday, July 15 -WW first week

Win and I went to Weight Watchers.  She lost 4 pounds and I lost 3! Not bad for the first week!  I did some more weeding, Hubby burned some branches.  Win came for supper and then we went on another 3 km walk.  B picked more raspberries and mulberries.

Tuesday, July 16 Bee Stings

Very hot and humid today.  Hubby took the used oil down to the scrap yard and arranged for George to come and pick up our old oil tank.  I cut the grass out front and then thought I would just cut around the garden, forgetting that Hubby had told me the bees are getting ready to swarm.  When I got down near the hives, they attacked me.  I got back to the house but had knocked my glasses off in the grass somewhere.  I got stung about 9 times, 3 on the side of my head, 2 on my chin, my hand, and my ankle.  I took some Tylenol and out a cold compress on them after taking the stingers out that I could see.  When Hubby came home he went out and found my glasses and then he put the lawn mower away.   He didn’t have the blade going so they didn’t bother him.

After lunch Hubby borrowed a tractor from the farmer down the road and he and a guy from the scrap yard loaded the old oil tank onto his cube van.  It was rather awkward but they eventually figured out how to get it on.

WW, Lymes disease, Red Currants

On Sunday, I skipped church today and got the church books caught up to date instead.   Then I did laundry and # 2 Son water proofed his tent and then hooked up the stereo and speakers outside for me.  Beautiful day but cool wind.  Glad we went swimming yesterday.  Hubby changed the oil in his truck.

Yesterday, Win and I started Weight Watchers.  Maggie an old friend was the leader.  She is so good and fun and was happy to see us. It was 2001 when I’ve Me a lifetime member.  I still had my card.  I hadn’t been back since then.

We made Hubby go to a clinic as he couldn’t get in to see our doctor and he had many symptoms of lymes disease.  He just hasn’t been feeling well lately.  The clinic doctor gave him medicine for lymes but didn’t do a blood test or anything.  He sees our doctor on Friday.  B and the Goober started working on the farm today picking red currants.  I went shopping and then I drove the Goober to his driving lesson in Well. I sat and read my book in the mall parking lot in the shade after shopping.  His lessons was 2 hours but not worth going home.

Today I cleaned the house and did some weeding. I made a cowboy rice salad for supper.   BAck to work tomorrow and photo club tomorrow night.

Fishing, Migrants, Canada Day

Sunday, June 30 – I went to church.  It was a bit cooler today.  #1 Son brought the 2 youngest for me and Maddy to babysit.  T and M were at a birthday party.  We BBQd some burgers for “lupper”.  Then #1, #2 Son his wife, the Goober, Hubby and his friend Frank went on a fishing boat charter in Lake Ontario.  They loved it, had lots of fun and caught some big salmon, 18-20 pounds.  They left about 3 pm and didn’t get back until 10.  They saw fireworks out on the water.  They filleted some of the fish when they got home but they were all very tired.

After church I checked out one of the migrant worker houses and left a flyer.  At 5 pm I met Fr. Antonio at the one farm, we picked up one guy.   I told him we should go to the house I left a flyer at and we picked up 4 more guys.  I drove them to church.  We had burgers and salad and cake for them.

Mon. July 1 – Canada Day

A beautiful day.  We ended up working in the garden. #2 Son and I laid railroad ties along the one fence.  the Goober cut a lot of branches down and burned them.  B picked a big bowl of mulberries.  Then we went for a swim at Marks.  We had grilled salmon, coleslaw, lettuce salad, and rice for supper.  So tired now