Parties, Award, Strawberries

I worked Saturday which was a beautiful sunny day, then I went to see Mom after.  I took her for a walk outside around the gardens.  Hubby hurt his back on Friday taking stuff to the scrap yard.  On Sunday I went to church and Hubby joined me at the picnic afterward.  Another beautiful day.  Read my book in the afternoon then Carolyn picked me up in her convertible with the top down and we drove to our work bbq at Joelle’s.  We stayed until about 8:30 pm.  I have today off and wanted to go strawberry picking but they aren’t open until tomorrow.  The berries just haven’t had enough sun to get ripe this year.  Did some weeding in The flower gardens before it rained.  About 6 of us met at the JoHo for supper, including E who is here from Scotland.

Tuesday night was Carolyn’s retirement party at Fraser’s winery.  Rhonda picked me up as it was on her way.  It was very nice.  She gave a little speech and our old manager gave a speech and gave her some funny gifts.

Wednesday night B and I could smell burning rubber.  We put our flip flops on and went out in the yard with flashlights.  B promptly stepped in dog poop.  Ugh!  We were watching the fireflies in the trees.  The fire must have been down the street.

Thursday, June 27 – Win and I went to the school to see Puddin get an award for most improved in her class.  She was getting mostly Bs and end up with mostly As.  Bro emailed me that Mom had been put on oxygen and was in quarantine because of a virus going around.  I went after work to see her.  They brought her supper into her room, so I fed her.  She ate most of it but wouldn’t touch the salad.  

Friday June 28 – I had the day off so I woke up B early and we went strawberry picking.  The berries were huge!!  We picked 16 quarts in about 15 minutes!  Cost was $3 a qt.  When we got home we found Tyson had got into the garbage and there was compost all over the kitchen floor. Ugh!

I went to a meeting at the church about the migrant workers and then I helped Pam change the letters on the sign at the bottom of the hill.  I went home and had lunch and then we hulled and froze about half the berries.  Hubby and I went out for Chinese food for supper.

Saturday, June 29 – I made a batch of strawberry jam, did dishes, made coleslaw, got groceries and made individual trifles.  After supper we went swimming at Marks as they are up at their cottage