Masons Birthday, Fathers Day

It was a windy cool day today.  Hubby and I fixed the railing on the porch stairs, got it finished.  Then #2 Son and I picked up Puddin and Sugarplum from dance and drove them to Zippy Zooms in NF where #1 Son was having a birthday party for his oldest son who turned 6 yesterday.  They had 20 kids there.  Yikes!

On Sunday everyone came over for a BBQ for Fathers Day.  It was so cool and drizzly we stayed indoors.  Maddy helped #2 Son do stuff with the beehives.  The kids gave Hubby a T-shirt, a new fishing reel and a hat.  Arthur is getting chubbyand so cute and starting to coo and tell “stories”.  I took photos of everyone’s hands for my photo club project.

Monday June 17– I have the day off and it looks like it will be nice.  Did all the dishes from yesterday.  Idid laundry and weeded, cut the grass in The ditch.  Hubby got new tires put on Bs car for her and he fixed Wins bbq.  We watched part of the Raptors parade in Toronto. It went on for 6 hours.  Here wer 2 million people there.  It was crazy.