Shopping Etc.

I had a rainy day off today so Win and I went shopping this morning at this store in Jordan owned by a lady from church that did the fashion show at the tea.  W bought a cute dress that looks good on her and I get a dress too. Yes you read that correctly, a dress!  It doesn’t wrinkle so will be good to take on trips, a little fancy, black with rusty red flowers.  Than we got a pedicure, then we went to Bass Pro shop to get K a new reel as he lost his in Jordan pond a couple of weeks ago and I got new sandals.  A productive day.

Yesterday, I went to church and then we had parish council.  It was a nice day out so sat outside and read my book.  #2 Son and Maddy did stuff with the bees.  Hubby fixed the porch steps.  Hubby picked wild asparagus To have with our bbqed steaks for supper.  B picked 7 ticks off him.  Ugh!

On Saturday I worked and then went to see Mom.  I took her for a walk around the gardens.  Friday everyone was all excited because the raptors won the  third game out of 7 for the nba championships.  They play again tonight back in Toronto.