Four Day Weekend

Friday was a nice sunny day so we worked outside all day.  I weeded flower gardens, cut the grass with the riding mower and cut the grass in the ditch etc with the push mower. B stained Dads old wooden bench and tabl that he made years ago.  B picked up some nice cushions for the bench she stained.  They didn’t quite fit so we switched them with the chair cushions and the back porch looks great now!   Hubby cemented in a new post for the porch staircase.  I was so tired, I had 16,500 steps.  Saturday morning it was pouring rain so me, Hubby and #2 son cleaned out the garage.  It was great! #2 Son got him to throw out a lot of stuff and scrap a lot.  I had a shower then went to the tea and fashion show at the church.  It was fun.  I bought some annuals and planted them.  On Sunday I went to church, defrosted the extra freezer  and mostly rested until B and I went back to church at 5:30 to do the salad for the migrant worker dinner.  We got home at 9.  Today Hubby and I put the chicken wire up around the veggie garden and then I got groceries.  I made a leg of lamb with fresh mint sauce and asparagus for supper.  I a,so made a shepherds pie for tomorrow.  I went to pick up the pork from work but the traffic was terrible, stop and go everywhere.

Mothers Day to Victoria Day

Sunday, May 12 – Mother’s Day – Yesterday, Brandy and I made a rhubarb mullberry pie and a homemade chocolate pie for the bbq today.  I got caught up on the church books. And the Goober helped me get all the patio furniture out of the barn.  It was too cold to eat outside so we cleaned up the dining room and ate inside.  We played scrabble.  #1 Son and wife gave me a bunch of roses, the others gave me 2 metal heron garden ornaments that light up at night.

Sunday, May 20– I worked yesterday and then went to see Mom.  She was  very alert, talking and asking questions.  I showed her a photo album and pointed out people like Miriam Milburn and Mary Tufford etc.  She quite enjoyed that.  I went to church and we had parish council after.  About 2 we all drove to Grimsby to a lagoon that has been made into a park and went for a family hike.  We saw some tree swallows, not too many birds.  Afterwards we all had to pick ticks off our clothes. Ew!  We came home and had ham, fresh asparagus, mashed pots and cheese sauce and rhubarb muffins for dessert. 

On Monday, Victoria Day, I did some housework, laundry, vacuuming, made a ham casserole etc.  It was cool and cloudy.

Tuesday, May 21 – I had the day off so Hubby, B and I got a load of firewood from these people on Marketplace.  They lived out in the country and had a bunch of chickens, guinea fowl, ducks etc.  Brought it home and stacked it all.  Then we cleaned off the back porch and out the carpet down. Made sloppy joes and spinach salad for supper, then I went to the dentist for a cleaning.

Moms 97th Birthday & Outings

Wednesday night – went to euchre, Thursday did church books in the morning and worked late, had an auction Friday night, worked Saturday.

Sunday, I went to church and did some gardening, then Around 4 pm we picked up some take out food and met at the home where Mom lives to celebrate her 97th birthday.  We had booked the family room.  We sat around the large table and ate, had cake and talked.  We left about 7:30.  Mom was good and stayed awake the whole time,which is unusual.  She liked looking at the new baby.

On Monday night I went out with people from work to a pub in BVille.  It was except the waitress charged us for Halibut and chips and we had asked for the Haddock and chips that was on special $10 cheaper.  I complained and she changed my bill, nobody else did.

Tuesday night Brandy drove her and me and Carol to a little playhouse theatre in Hamtown to see the movie “The Mustang”.  It was good but there was hardly anyone in the audience, only about 7 people!

Wednesday night I went to the Photo Club.  There was a guest photographer speaker that Bro had seen already so he didn’t go.  It was good but I kept drifting off, had a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Thursday morning Brandy and I went to Costco and did some cleaning.  We have all been competing with our Fitbits.