Holy Week

Sunday, April 14 – Palm Sunday

I went to church and then Win and I took the girls to see the GCP musical Legally Blonde.  It was pouring rain when we went I.  It was and they liked it.  Dave had a fire going when we got home.  Mike and the boys returned from their derby game in London and we all had beef stew and buns for supper.  It was thundering and lightening for a long time.  The rain leaked I. The basement a bit.

Monday, April 15– Min and Linda came for a visit and to pick up my tent.  They were late arriving but we had a nice lunch of quiche and salads. Win came over too.  We had blown the eggs out on Sunday so the kids could colour them so it worked out perfectly.  Dave brought more stuff from his house.  Ken fixed Wins dining room light fixture.  I was going to go to see Puddings basketball game but it was too late by the time they left as I couldn’t find the poles for tent!

Friday, April 19 – Good Friday

Brandy and I got groceries last night.  It was so busy and lined up at the check outs! Today, Brandy made lasagna roll ups.  They were good. I photoshopped pictures all day except when I drove Puddin and Sugarplum to their dance party.  It rained all day and was cool so we had a fire most of the day.

Saturday, April 20 – Brandy went to Costco for me, it was a zoo, they had police directing traffic!  I made the quiches for tomorrow and then did my South .African photos all day.  It was a rainy dreary day again so we had a fire.  Hubby and # 2 Son worked over at his house, tearing drywall down.  Brandy peeled all the potatoes for tomorrow as well.  We watched The Ten Commandments on TV.

Sunday, April 21 – Easter Sunday

The girls all went to church.  Bro and wife were in the back pew and during the service, a lady fainted next to him.  They made her comfortable and called an ambulance.  Everyone came over about 1:30 and we had the Easter egg hunt, B had hidden 84 eggs, 12 for each kid.  The neighbour invited them to go over and see his bunnies, chicks and baby goat. Puddin wouldn’t go near the bunnies because last year the one she was holding peed on her. Lol They came home and coloured eggs at the kitchen table. Then they had a Jenga Tournament. We had ham, mashed pots, Brussels, broccoli, quiches and cheese sauce for supper.  #2 Son took the older ones down to the school for a game of basketball and they all left about 7:30.  B helped me do the dishes.

Monday, April 22 – Easter Monday

I did laundry and made a casserole for supper and then do more photoshopping if trip pictures.  Brandy and Tania went over the river for a few things.  The CU shut down at noon, all branches due to a security threat.  I went to see mom and it was so nice, I took her outside for a walk along the trail. I took her some chocolate Easter eggs too.

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