IMG_5892Best IMG_5900Last Sunday I took the girls to church by myself so Win could get ready for Puddin’s birthday party. Sugar Plum was not easy to control! She is a handful. Anyway, we survived.

After church, I drove them home and on the way back to my house, I saw a big bird sitting on a fence where we normally see the Snowy Owls. I pulled in and got out with my camera. It was a large hawk. The wind was bitterly cold and his feathers were all fluffy. He just sat there facing the wind like it was nothing while me and a couple of other guys took his picture. Mom was in the car and could see him too. I got some really good ones even though my hands were shaking so much from the cold.

I babysat the girls Tues. night and Wed. night this week. I have an auction at the church on Saturday and Win wants me to babysit them overnight that night as well.

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