New Furnace, Pruning

So on Thursday morning I called the city hall to find out more about the parking situation on the renter’s street.  I finally got hold of a nice man who said he would go and take another look but that the signs should have been there a long time ago to stop people parking on the laneway in case emergency vehicles have to get through.  I said I understood that but we only wanted to park at the very end in the dead end.  He will get back to me.

Then on Friday, the renters called to say they woke up to a cold house and the furnace was making a loud banging noise.  I called our furnace guy but he doesn’t do gas.  He recommended another family run business which I called.  They went down and looked at it right away as I told them they had little babies.  He called back to say he could fix it for $1000. but he wouldn’t recommend this as he could do it and then try a carbon dioxide test and it probably wouldn’t pass as the furnace is 13 years old.  He said a new furnace would cost about $3400.00 so I said go ahead and do it.  As it was Friday, if we didn’t, we’d have to wait til next week and they would be without heat all weekend.  He gave them some electric heaters for the night and then went and installed the new furnace on Saturday.  Then he said we really needed to have the ducts cleaned, another $400.00.  Geez!!!  We had them done too.

Friday night the neighbour Norma took Hubby and I to Red Lobster for supper with her daughter in law.  It was good.

# 1 Son and brother-in-law came on Saturday and Sunday and pruned all our fruit trees.  They really scalped them!  The poor things are bald now!!  They picked the sticks and filled the trailer.

I took the Goober and Bri. geocaching after we took Mom home.


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