Tues. – Cutting the Cheese

I had to drive Hubby’s truck to work today as the front brakes have done in my car.  I hate driving his truck because it’s so big.  After work I had to drop off the 4 boxes of cheese curds at the church and put them in the fridge there.  Then at 7 pm, I went and loaded them back in the truck and drove to Lynda J’s as members of the Evening Guild were getting together to cut the cheese curds into smaller pieces, ready for the Ribfest next weekend.  On the way there, the bridge was out and the road was closed so I had to go around on a detour, then a cop was following me for quite a way.  I finally made it to her house.  Only 4 of us showed up but we got it done fairly quickly and then sat and had a glass of wine and cheese and crackers afterwards.  I dropped it all off, returning it all to the church fridge on the way home.

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