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Yesterday I got a call from the nursing home where Mom is to say one of the nurses has tested positive for the Covid19 virus.  I called Bro and told him; he was very upset.  Many of the nursing homes are bad but hers was doing okay until now. 

My friend Carolyn who returned from Florida about a week ago is in isolation with her 2 friends and one of them has had a fever for 3 days.  He has no other symptoms but it doesn’t sound good.

The tellers at work had plexi-glass shields installed on their wickets on Thursday.  They were clean when put up but later we could see spots on them which must be spray from people’s mouths!  You don’t realize how much spray comes out of your mouth.  Hubby has been wearing a mask when he goes to the grocery store now.  I will make some cloth ones; they are quite easy to make with hair elastics of which Maddy has a ton.

On March 24th everything but essential services was shut down by the Government.  We at work are an essential service so are open but they closed half of the branches to the public.  The employees are still at work on the phones and computers, just not waiting on the public.  Unfortunately, our branch is one that has been left open but with reduced hours.  We have the door locked and a person outside only letting people in that have a transaction that can’t be done at an ATM, online, night deposit or by telephone. On Saturday March 28th we turned away over 80 people in the 4 hours we were open. I sit in my office with the door closed so don’t see anyone face to face because I am over 65 but I did do a half hour as the door guard while Charlotte had her lunch.  I rigged up a jay cloth to wear as a face mask.  Lol Better than nothing!   I spray my office with Lysol when I go in first thing in the morning.  I have sanitizer on my desk too.  The branches that are open are being treated to free lunches for 2 weeks and now we are allowed to wear jeans as well; a couple of perks for risking our lives.:)

On the home front, we are keeping busy.  Hubby has been fixing the rototiller in his shop.  #2 Son pruned all the fruit trees and Hubby picked up all the branches.  The Pencil and I have done 2 x1000 piece puzzles, one of a beach, the other a really large Canada goose.  The crocuses, scilla and snowdrops are blooming in my garden.  Win has been laid off work so has been doing a lot of wood burning projects.  She has 5 kids (2 of her own and 3 of her boyfriend’s) living in her small 2 bedroom house.  I don’t know how she stays sane!  She has 7 people, 2 cats and a dog living there.  Her boyfriend is from the USA but is staying here and working from her house for as long as he can I guess.  # 1 Son has been laid off and his wife just finished her maternity leave so her unemployment has run out. I will have to help make their mortgage payments. She is keeping the 3 kids busy.  The Pencil and I and their family did a virtual paint night on Sunday.  I found some paint and watercolour paper and 3 easels up in the craft room for us to use. We painted the Northern Lights.  The paint and brushes weren’t the greatest but it was fun.

On Monday Tyson #2 Son’s 8 year old Rottweiler kept moping around, we could tell there was something wrong, he wouldn’t eat or drink.  This went on all day and night and the next day, #2 Son was not working so he took him to the new house.  He went and lay down in the closet.  So #2 took him to the vet who could see nothing wrong so did x-rays and still found nothing.  #2 brought him home and the next day, he was fine, back to his old self!  What the heck?  $500 vet bill for nothing! 

And that has been our week!

Inspection, Contests, Isolation

Thursday March 19 – Inspection
Big drama here on Thursday when I came home from work.  Hubby had met the inspector at #2Son’s new house and it didn’t go well. His blood pressure was through the roof Im sure. It would take too long to explain but suffice it to say some of the drywall has to come back down. The Pencil and I had to calm him down, make him sit and watch TV to get his mind off it.  The inspector guy is a jerk. #2 Son is depressed. We considered writing an email to the inspectors superior but after a few drafts and much discussion we decided to bite the bullet and just redo what needs to be done.

Saturday, March 21 – Pruning and Contests

I read my book for a couple of hours this morning, and then I went out and pruned the row of grape vines and the raspberries and put the clippings in a pile to burn.  It was a nice sunny crisp day with a bit of frost on the ground.

To keep from being bored while house bound, the family, being a competitive bunch had a “Draw Yourself” contest.  We were in Separate houses (social distancing at its best).  We posted the results on Facebook which were quite good.  The grandson who is 6 did an amazing job! He is so detailed; he is the only one who drew in a background. He also drew his Mom and 2 younger brothers. Puddin is a good artist too.  Also a couple of days we had a colouring contest and posted them on FB and friends voted for the best one.

Monday, March 23 – Self Isolation

Hubby and #2 Son worked at the new house all day fixing what needed to be done for the inspection.  Once again the plumbers and the dry wallers didn’t show up like they had promised.  Tomorrow starts a lock down of non essential businesses so we are worried they will never get this passed!  The list came out later in the day and it looks like construction businesses will be able to stay open.  Unfortunately banks are too so guess I have to go to work on Thursday.  

I quite enjoy self isolating!  I have lots to do, reading, knitting, sewing, crosswords, puzzles etc.  I read my book most of the day.  Usually I feel guilty if I sit and read too long but now I have an excuse!   If I really get bored I could clean the house! Lol. So far that hasn’t happened but I did wash my collection of little teapots  yesterday.  Maybe I will try to do one cleaning item a day.  Also I have been teaching Maddy to cook.  One day she made curried chicken and rice, we made banana loaves yesterday and today the lesson was Shepherd’s Pie.  

Broken Window & Plastic Gloves

On Monday, one of my old members drove his car forward into the large front window at work! The financial advisor was sitting at his desk with his back to the window.  It scared the crap out of him.   The window didn’t even break!  I guess it is bullet proof.  The frame was just bent in and the repairman just bent it back out today.  And on another note, our woodstove glass door shattered, again the other night!  Hubby was not impressed.

There are 4 employees from work that are self-isolating so we are short staffed.  On Wednesday we started shortened hours of operation and we have plastic gloves to wear but they make our hands hot and sweaty.   It is very busy; the phone seems to never stop ringing.   People are worried about the stock markets, how they will make their mortgage payments with no income, seniors wanting to pay bills and they don’t know how to use online banking or debit cards.  People are still coming in even though we are trying to do as much banking as possible over the phone.  Social Distancing is not happening at the bank. The employees are feeling very vulnerable.  Win’s flower shop is only taking phone orders.  And she is cooped up with 5 kids in the house this week while her BF is working from home upstairs in the bedroom.  #1 Son and wife are both laid off and her maternity unemployment insurance has run out.  We may have to help them out.  #2 Son is still working.

Cakes & Lost in the Woods

Church was cancelled on Sunday due to the Coronavirus so I had the morning free to bake.  The Pencil made an oreo cheesecake, and I made a bear cake. Everyone came over in the afternoon and we celebrated Arthur’s 1st Birthday and Maddy’s16th birthday together.  The kids played Bingo, we did a 500 piece puzzle and we BBQd hamburgers and hotdogs and had salads. 

Everyone is starting to stay in and isolate themselves to prevent the virus spreading.  All kinds of events and kid’s programs for the March break this week are cancelled.  What do you do with 9 grandkids and Coronavirus has everything closed? Go on a Family Hike of course!!  It was a beautiful crisp day so we all met at SH Provincial Park, 5 adults and 9 kids to go on a 4 km trail but somehow we got lost and it turned into a 7 km marathon up and down treacherously slippery hills, through prickly bushes, over waterfalls and through lots and lots of mud!!  We had no cell phone service but we finally made it out alive! LOL  Everyone slept very well that night!

Start of our hike

Trip Postponed By Coronavirus

Sat. March 7 – Hubby and I went out and fixed the fence as the dogs have been digging trying to get into the neighbour’s pen where the horses are. We fixed it temporarily as the ground was frozen.  The Pencil dyed my hair after going to the gym.  

Sunday I went to church, Hubby looked after the flea market booth all day.  The Pencil and I picked up Migrant workers and took them to the Spanish service and Win and I drove them home after the community dinner.  There were 75 tonight plus the volunteers.

Monday I finished our income tax, we went to Costco, I went to Lenten Book study and then we went for our pedicures.  #2 Son’s main floor passed the gas inspection but the top floor didn’t.  There was a leak.

Tuesday, March 10 -I did some laundry, vacuumed, did church books and went to the stewardship meeting.  

Wednesday, March 11 – I was off work. Janet called the travel company directly and they said we could reschedule our trip for up to 18 months.  So we have postponed it as they said they are shutting all the tourist sites like the temples etc down, so there is no point going if we can’t see the attractions.  We are very disappointed and depressed.  We are both all packed.  But it is the best thing to do.  #1 Son and family returned from their trip today and picked up their dog.

Friday, March 13 – The first case of Corona virus Is in our city today.  Everything is shutting down, the schools are closing for March break and staying closed for 2 weeks after that.  People are cancelling travel plans left and right. All the arenas, library, city services will not be operating. Even the Prime Ministers wife has it and they are is isolation.  All day at work I was constantly going back and forth to the bathroom to wash my hands! Good thing I am close to it. Hubby and I had planned to go out for Supper to a place he saw on FB. We decided to take a chance and go. It was $15 for chicken, ribs, fries, all you can eat salad bar and dessert.  It was really good. I work tomorrow.

Travel, This & That

On Saturday I did housework and made stuffed peppers and banana bread for supper.  # 2 Son and I watched the Goober’s ball hockey game.  It was for the championship and his team won in overtime.  Sunday I went to church.  Hubby went to the flea market to open #1 son’s booth.  I visited Mom in the afternoon.   When I got home I had a message from #1 Son that when they boarded the cruise ship in Miami, their travel agent hadn’t booked Baby Artie!  He wanted to use my US Visa card to pay the difference but I didn’t see the message until 3 hours after he sent it.  By this time the ship would have left already and there is no free wifi on it so we didn’t know what happened.  But we assume no news is good news and they let them on.  Artie turns 1 in a couple of weeks so surely they would accommodate him!

On Monday I went to Lenten Book study in the afternoon.  I had them laughing.  They asked what our favourite Bible story was when we were kids and I said, Shadrack, Meshak and Abendigo!  Because I loved their names!  I loved saying their names. LOL  Then we were talking about women’s names in the Bible and I said, well I had # 1 and #2 Sons who have biblical names that start with a D but I just couldn’t name Win, Delilah! And they all started laughing again.  Afterwards  I went to see the travel agent to pick up the package.for our trip.

Tuesday was a wet rainy day.  I picked up Maddy from school and took her down to the school board as one of her pieces of artwork was on display in the lobby.  Later I made curried chicken for supper.  Win came over after work and The Pencil and I helped her finish her bio for the floral contest she is entering.  Pete wasn’t too sure about #1Sons dog, Peppa as it was their first time meeting but eventually they were all fine together. We even got them all in a sit stay 

I was too tired to go to Euchre tonight. 

Pancakes and Hubby’s Bad Day

On Saturday I bought the salad ingredients for the migrant workers dinner on Sunday.  No Frills had lettuce on sale, so I got 5 heads for the church and 2 for me. We were short drivers as there were 50 people to pick up so Win drove her van, with me and The Pencil driving our vans and the 3 of us picked up 15 guys.  We made the salads while they were in at the Spanish church service.  We ate supper with them and then drove them home.

On Monday, I did some laundry, church books, did #2 Son’s spreadsheet etc and went to the doctor to get malaria pills. She said she normally charges $40 for a travel consultation but because the receptionist hadn’t told me, she waived it. She didn’t have any face masks either, they are on back-order.  I felt tired and didn’t feel like doing much.  On Tuesday I did some more ironing and packing.  I took in 2 pairs of pants that are too big now that I have lost 30 pounds.  They were expensive pants and I really like them, so I didn’t want to buy new ones.

Last night we all went to the pancake supper at church.  Bro was there and Hubby’s Sister and husband came too.  There didn’t seem to be as many people there this year even though the weather was good.  I ate too much as usual and then felt bloated.  Why do I do this?  But it was so good!  Hubby’s Sister has some face masks I can have for our trip.

Hubby did not have a good day today!   #1 Son brought their dog, Peppa over for us to dog sit for 2 weeks. So now we have 3 large dogs in the house!  They are driving to Florida and then going on a cruise.  It was a wet snowy, mucky day out there and every time the dogs came in from outside, the 3 of them were soaked.

He came in to find the toilet had overflowed into the basement onto #2 Son’s bed directly below it.  He and the Pencil had to wash all the bedding.  He built a fire in the wood stove down there to try and dry things up. Then a short time later, he heard an explosion.  He went down to discover the glass door on the wood stove that he had just had replaced, had shattered into a million pieces.  They must not have replaced it with fireproof glass!  Again, he and the Pencil cleaned everything, swept up all the glass.  He called the company and they have ordered another one.  I’m kind of glad I was at work today! LOL

Ball Hockey & New Phone

I worked on Tuesday, and had Wednesday off.  I got Hubby all hooked up with his “new” phone, a hand me down from #1 Sons wife.  It is bright pink so I bought him a black case to cover it. I also bought some wet wipes to take on our trip but I couldn’t get any face masks.  They are all sold out and the clerk said, they come from China so they have stopped importing them as they need them there.  Hubby has some dust masks we can take instead.  Hope we don’t need them but better to have them on hand just in case.                                                                         

After supper #2 Son and I went to the Goober’s Ball hockey game.  He is the goalie.  It was a good game, tied 2/2, they went into 5 minutes overtime, killed off a 4 minute penalty, still tied, so they had a shoot out and we lost.  I was absolutely frozen by the end of it! 

Family Birthday Days

OnSaturday I got groceries and then baked 2 quiches, some walnut crisp cookies and butter tart squares.

On Sunday, I took the boys to church and then Hubby picked them up while I stayed for our annual Vestry meeting.  Everything went smoothly and it was over by 1:30.  The rest of the family including Laura and Ruby (20 people total) came over in the afternoon for Puddin’s and # 1 Son’s birthdays.  We did a 500 piece puzzle, the girls played with the cut out dolls, we played Password and Jenga by the fire.  It was a good day.  Win sent us a message saying Laura thanked us for inviting them. She said “she is in the pit of despair right now and you and your family are the best of good people”. She is so nice, I wish I could do more to help.

This morning I did all the dishes and cleaned up, worked on church books, and then Hubby and I went to visit Mom.  She was quite talkative today but kept saying she couldn’t remember anything. 

Toques and Potholders

Yesterday, I took the boys to Sunday School and we came home and they played legos etc. At 5 the Pencil and I picked up 3 sets of migrant workers, 2 near where we live and 1 in VS, about 15 guys altogether. We ate supper with them after their service and then we offered the toques we had knit to them. They all took one and it was just in time as it started snowing as we were leaving to go home. When we got home, I just wanted to watch the Oscars but the cable wasn’t working so we missed most of it, very annoying. Today I found old tee shirts and started cutting them to make yarn. My plan is to make some potholders with it.