Pantry and a Play

I finished cleaning in the dining room.  Hubby added a shelf in the old gramma phone cupboard where I keep extra canned food like a pantry.  I cleaned it all out an rearranged everything.  Before the food was spilling out,  now everything fits nicely.

At the beginning of January I posted on FB all the books I read in 2020.  Since then my friend in the UK emailed me a book that she has been writing for the last 13 years about her grandparents and mother and aunt who drove from London to Bombay in 1939 just before WWII broke out.  It was excellent and will probably be published.  Then last week another friend emailed me a play she has written and asked me to read it.  It would be good for a community theatre to present.  

Zoom Room & Vaccine

Yesterday I went on a zoom with Mom and after supper, a zoom for parish council.  This morning I decided to set up a place in the dining room by the window where I could do zoom calls uninterrupted but I need an electrical plug to be able to plug in the laptop or iPad as they won’t last very long without being plugged in.  As there is only one outlet in his room and it is situated behind the piano, Hubby helped me move it out and plug in an extension cord to reach where I will be sitting.  In doing this though, we had to move everything off the top of the piano, dust and clean behind it as well.  I tried it out by going on a 3 hour zoom webinar for Quickbooks but I left after an hour as it wasn’t anything I needed to know.   It worked great, I can go in there and sit in the sun and have my zooms in private.  Why didn’t I think of this before!  Mom got her Covid vaccine today and so far no side effects.  In between all this, we watched President Biden’s inauguration.  We watched Trump leave about 8:30 this morning.  The first former president to not attend the inauguration in 150 years.  The rest of it all went very smoothly.  

New Year and Attic Closet Reno

Friday, January 1/2021 – Everyone is hoping this new year will be better than last year but the pandemic numbers are very bad.  There are over 3000 new cases in Ontario  every day.  We are in lockdown again for at least a month.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2021The weather has been dark, grey, and dreary all week.  Hubby and I have been working on mudding the attic closet and closing up holes to make it mouse proof.  I have been doing year end books for the cemetery and the church.  The days slip by.

Tuesday,January 12/ 2021- Hubby and I fixed all the holes in the attic closet floor.  It was like doing a jigsaw puzzle fitting pieces of wood in between the ones already there and moving some over.  Then there were still some small holes between the boards in spots so we put shavings and glue in to block them up.  Then we laid some linoleum we had leftover from doing our rental kitchen and saved for about 7 years but it worked perfectly.  Lastly we put baseboard around so it should now be MOUSE proof!! Today I finally took down the Christmas tree and put the totes in my new attic closet. Woot!

Before – dark and dingy
Insulated, dry walled, floor fixed, new light, mouse proof!
Colour coded totes- red for ?Christmas, orange for Fall and Halloween etc

New Year’s Eve

Hubby and I did dry walling in the attic closet yesterday. Today, New Year’s Eve we sat by the fire, read and rested. I read 43 books this year and posted the list on FB. My friend in England saw the post and asked me to preview her book that she has been writing. I am looking forward to reading it. We ordered Chinese food take out to celebrate. Hubby went to bed at 9:30 but I stayed up past 1 am. The end of a very strange year!

New beds

Boxing Day we sat by the fire all day and went on zooms, first with Mom and the family, then with my cousin in England and then later in the day with Hubby’s sister.  

Yesterday, the girls beds had broken as they were cheap and Win found some used ones on Marketplace that had drawers underneath and little book cases at the headboards.  She asked us to pick them up in the truck about 45 minutes away.   The beds were bigger and heavier than expected so we had a job to fit them in.  The family selling them was very nice, trying to stay distant but help too.  When we got them home, we couldn’t get them up the stairs!  We tried every which way but decided they would have to be taken apart.  I was on a zoom on my phone with my 3 faraway friends standing in Wins doorway but Hubby needed to go home for some tools so I left the zoom and we went home.  He went back and they dismantled the beds, carried the pieces up the 2 flights of stairs. He went back today to assemble them.  I did church books and made chicken soup.

December Days

Sat. Dec 5 – I spent all day yesterday doing church and cemetery books.  The diocese messed up the payroll and the government Covid grants so I had to go back months and sort all that out. Ugh!  I wrote an email to the treasurer at the diocese telling of all our concerns with the new accounting program and received a snippy reply.  We aren’t impressed and think they had a nerve rolling it out to the parishes when they don’t even know how it works yet!   

 I bought some nightgowns for Mom, nice red ones and a white one with cardinals on it.  The family all made cards for her and I took it all down and dropped it off at the home.

Mon. Dec 7 – I spent the day Sunday learning the new accounting system.  It took all day but I finally got it.  On Monday I finished my retirement post that I have been writing.   

Tues. Dec 8 – We had a fire going.  I went to the credit union to finish some stuff and they have a display of photos etc up announcing my retirement with a book for members to sign, very nice.  I did a bit of shopping and got Hubby an ugly Christmas sweater.  I entered all the parishioner data into the new accounting system.  It took a quite few hours.

Thur Dec 10 – I went to the church office and worked with Di for a couple of hours.   Hubby made some shelves in the garden shed.

Sun Dec 13– Hubby and I dressed in our ugly Christmas sweaters and went to get our picture taken at the real estate lady’s that we know.  Hubby got 7 sections of fence for free so he went to pick them up.  

Mon. Dec 14 – The Goober turns 18 today and Sugarplum turns 9.  No party or family get together because of Covid.

Fri. Dec 18 – Official Retirement Day.  I posted what I had written on FB and then I went in to work for the morning huddle.  The district manager was there.  We stood in a circle 6 feet apart and they gave me a Gift card for Henry’s camera store for $700.  and a large bamboo plant.  They also had members sign a book of good wishes to me.  

Sat. Dec 19 – The Internet was down again this morning.  I called Bell and they said it wasn’t the same as on Wed. When this area was down so they did a bunch of tests and then told me to go to the Bell store and exchange my modem for a new one which I did.  I dusted all the co outer desk off and plugged it in and it still didn’t work!  Ugh.  I called Bell back and got an automated message saying the internet was down in our area again.  So I waited and it came back up at 5 pm but I still couldn’t get the internet to work.  I called back and they ended up saying I needed a second level tech but there was a big queue so they would call back but they didn’t.  I called again and they said they would call back Sat. Morning but again they didn’t so I called them and finally got through to a second level tech who after testing the line said he would have to send a technician to our house on Monday.  

On top of this #1 Son called to say his wife was in the hospital with bad pains and he had to go to work so Hubby went down to watch the kids.  He got home about 11 pm.  They said she has a fibroid on her ovary which is making her constipated which is causing the pain.  They gave her medicine and sent her home again today.

Wed. Dec 23 – we worked in the long closet.  Hubby hooked up the 2 new plug outlets in our bedroom and the light and switch in the long closet.  I finished wrapping presents.  Yesterday I tried to make a cherry pie from scratch but it didn’t turn out very good.  On Monday I made fruit cakes for the rest of the family.

Thurs. Dec 24 – Bro went to see Mom again today.  She was very talkative, bouncing off the wall, talking about funerals  I drove down to give him some saw blades from Hubby.  They could see me when they looked out the window but I couldn’t see Mom.  Only one person is allowed in.  The Home called later to say the doctor saw mom today and he had ordered Tylenol 3s first thing in the morning so when they go to get her up they will have kicked in already.  He xRay showed no fractures or anything just some arthritis.  

It is a wet rainy day but is supposed to change to snow later.  Win and family brought a turkey dinner over to us.  So nice not to have to cook but missing the family get together.  

Fri. Dec 25 – We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland!  About 9:30 we took gifts over to Win and family, porch drop off because of Covid.  We took the sleds over as they were going tobogganing before the girls had to go to their Dads at noon.  Then we drove to #1 Sons and dropped their gifts off.  We got home in time to light the fire, make a coffee and baileys and watch the Queen’s message on TV.  

Mom’s White Fruit Cake

Winter Arrived

Wow, where does the time go?  Hubby and I worked on dry walling the attic.  It is very hard on our knees, back, and bums as we have to squat or kneel down the whole time!  So we have been taking it easy since Saturday, giving our bones a rest. Lol. Yesterday we woke up to a lovely winter wonderland of snow so I went out taking photos and went for a little hike in the woods by myself.  It was gorgeous, so quiet and pristine.  I did get my Christmas cards done, some shopping and today I met with Di at the church office to try and figure out the new accounting system they want us to use.  It is a nightmare.

Greenhouse Renovated

Sunday it turned really windy.  We had 140 km an hour winds!  There were lots of people with no hydro including #1 Son.  #2 Son’s back fence blew down.  Our truck box that was on sawhorses near the road for sale blew off!  Hubby worked on the greenhouse some more.  I cooked the rest of the squash.

On Tuesday Hubby and I did the trim around the windows on the greenhouse and Wednesday we put up the siding.  It was very cold.  We had to keep going in to get warmed up.  The girls made cupcakes for the twins birthday, Puddin went to Girl Guides outside and I had parish council on zoom.

On Thursday we finished the new benches inside the greenhouse and today, we hung the shelves, I painted them and then out put everything back in!  Yeah!  All ready for Spring planting now!

Visit Approval and a Blow-up

Thurs. Nov 12 – Hubby was tired today so took a day off and did some shopping, fixed the bbq and blew leaves off the shed roof.  I washed all the shed windows and painted the outside of them, then I gave the beams inside a coat of primer.

Fri. Nov 13 – Win’s boyfriend and his 3 kids got approval from the Canadian Government to come over the border from the USA for visiting.  They had applied over a month ago as soon as the rules changed.  They have to quarantine for 14 days so Win and the girls will be staying at our house for that time while he and his kids stay at her house.   So I had to hurry up and get the the extra bedroom cleaned out ready for them.  I also varathaned the craft room window so I could put my sewing machine back and then decided I should do all the window sills!  Hubby is still working on the greenhouse roof.

Sat. Nov 14 – My old wicker hamper that I kept hats and mitts etc in is so broken, I got a new little cupboard from marketplace for $25 to replace it in the hallway.  Since I had more space, I spend the day rearranging the linen cupboard as well.  

I was having a good day until #1 Son found out that we couldn’t all get together for Christmas and got very upset.  I called and talked to him but the whole family were putting stuff in the family chat and it got nasty.  Then I was depressed and upset.  They just want to be together for Christmas but the Covid ruled say you can only have 10 people in a house and there are 18 of us.  The Pencil suggested we split into 2 groups which I thought was a good idea but things got a bit nasty.  I was very upset all night, I hate it when they fight.  I suppose they will calm down and it will blow over.  

Craft Room and Greenhouse Fix-up

Mon. Nov 2 – Hubby and I cleaned out the closet in the craft room and had a look at the electrical.  I went to the JoHo as the receptionist from work is leaving.  They all went for dinner but Carolyn and I just went for a drink a little later.  

Wed. And Thurs – Hubby worked putting another outlet in the craft room.  He had to crawl up into the attic while I held the ladder so it wouldn’t slip on the flooring.  I went to the knitting group for an hour and stopped by Monteforte’s and bought some apples.  We also went to Costco as they are moving to NF next week and it won’t be the same.  

Fri. Nov 6 – Another nice day.  Hubby put trim in the craft room closet etc.  Then we both cleaned up the neighbour’s branches from cutting down his apple tree and Hubby took them to the dump.  I raked up leaves off our driveway and delivered groceries to migrant workers.

Tues. Nov 10 – We have had 4 gorgeous unseasonably warm sunny days so on Saturday we decided to empty out the greenhouse, we took out the big old green cupboard (that was full of mouse nests) and all the millions of old pots etc and took a load to the dump.  The wood and windows on the south side were rotten so we took out that whole wall.  We laid patio stones down on the floor and bought some new lumber.  Today our plan is to use 3 of #2 Sons windows from his old house that had been sitting  in our garage to replace the old windows and rebuild the wall.  It won’t  look as cute but will be more functional. Here are a couple of “Before” photos.