Ball Hockey & New Phone

I worked on Tuesday, and had Wednesday off.  I got Hubby all hooked up with his “new” phone, a hand me down from #1 Sons wife.  It is bright pink so I bought him a black case to cover it. I also bought some wet wipes to take on our trip but I couldn’t get any face masks.  They are all sold out and the clerk said, they come from China so they have stopped importing them as they need them there.  Hubby has some dust masks we can take instead.  Hope we don’t need them but better to have them on hand just in case.                                                                         

After supper #2 Son and I went to the Goober’s Ball hockey game.  He is the goalie.  It was a good game, tied 2/2, they went into 5 minutes overtime, killed off a 4 minute penalty, still tied, so they had a shoot out and we lost.  I was absolutely frozen by the end of it! 

Family Birthday Days

OnSaturday I got groceries and then baked 2 quiches, some walnut crisp cookies and butter tart squares.

On Sunday, I took the boys to church and then Hubby picked them up while I stayed for our annual Vestry meeting.  Everything went smoothly and it was over by 1:30.  The rest of the family including Laura and Ruby (20 people total) came over in the afternoon for Puddin’s and # 1 Son’s birthdays.  We did a 500 piece puzzle, the girls played with the cut out dolls, we played Password and Jenga by the fire.  It was a good day.  Win sent us a message saying Laura thanked us for inviting them. She said “she is in the pit of despair right now and you and your family are the best of good people”. She is so nice, I wish I could do more to help.

This morning I did all the dishes and cleaned up, worked on church books, and then Hubby and I went to visit Mom.  She was quite talkative today but kept saying she couldn’t remember anything. 

Toques and Potholders

Yesterday, I took the boys to Sunday School and we came home and they played legos etc. At 5 the Pencil and I picked up 3 sets of migrant workers, 2 near where we live and 1 in VS, about 15 guys altogether. We ate supper with them after their service and then we offered the toques we had knit to them. They all took one and it was just in time as it started snowing as we were leaving to go home. When we got home, I just wanted to watch the Oscars but the cable wasn’t working so we missed most of it, very annoying. Today I found old tee shirts and started cutting them to make yarn. My plan is to make some potholders with it.

Coronavirus, bursitis, 63 Up

On Tuesday I went to see our travel agent to apply for the visa to enter Vietnam for our trip in March.  Some planes have been cancelled and Vietnam wasn’t allowing planes to enter from China because of the coronavirus.  Everyone keeps saying why don’t we just cancel our trip, but we can’t!  It doesn’t work like that, everything is paid for, the insurance won’t cover the cost unless we have a good reason like sickness or death or the flights or cruise is cancelled.  We asked if we could postpone it until next year but they won’t let us.  Minnie at work Jokingly keeps saying I’m going to die!

Also, Jan woke up with a very sore thigh, she can’t walk on it.  The doctor thinks it is bursitis.  She is waiting for results of the ultrasound.  And then on Friday, the First Nations put up a blockade on the Via rail from Ottawa to Toronto as a protest which is how Jan has to get to the airport. She is worried they might do it again on the day our plane leaves! Things are not looking good for our trip!

On Thursday night all the hydro went out in the JV area.  We ended up closing the branch a half hour early and went home.  It was off for about 4 hours but our hydro was still on at home.

Today I left work at 3 and drove to Bros.  We went to see the movie 63 Up at the little theatre in Hamtown.  It was good. It is a chronicle of about 10 English kids from when they were age 7 and then every 7 years after, so age 14, 21 etc. This one, they were age 63.  We went back to Bro’s house afterwards and his wife made us supper – cauliflower rice, peas and ribs, yum.

Hats & Super Bowl Sunday

I have been knitting toques to give to the migrant workers.  They are just starting to arrive and our first Spanish service and dinner for them is next Sunday.  

 We had a mini Super Bowl party here. Wins friend and her daughter came.  We sat by the fire, did a puzzle and watched the game.  They all left after half time show.  

Today after doing all the dishes from yesterday, I sorted out some clothes and washed them,  cleaned up the craft room a bit,  made a couple of placemats and fixed up my valentine wreath.  It still needs work though.  


Hubby and Bro and I went to see Elvis at Moms nursing home this afternoon.      He was pretty good, sang good songs, told some good stories and jokes and he sang one of my favourite Tom Jones songs, The Green Green Grass of Home.  He also does Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Conway Twitty.  Mom was actually awake and clapping, so that was good.  Hubby really enjoyed it, he has always been a huge Elvis fan.  

Funeral Quilts, BP, Dentist

 I had a dentist appointment Thursday morning and when the hygienist was almost done and just flossing my teeth, he pulled part of a filling out with floss. Ugh!  We decided to leave it for now as the dentist can’t refill it, it has to come out and it isn’t bothering me.  

On my way home I had stopped at a store when I got a call from The Pencil that her blood pressure was super high and so was her heart rate.  I rushed home and drove her to the doctor who sent her to the hospital.  They hooked her up to machines and she waited all day in the waiting room for results and finally gave up as she was feeling better.  She asked me to pick her up and told them to send results to her doctor.  She took her BP when she got home and it was normal.

Win and I went to the funeral home last night.  Verla, a lady from our church passed away.  She was 91.  She was a nice lady, a beautiful quilter and a wonderful baker.  She used to bake homemade bread and pies etc every year for the church bazaar.  She always had a quilt on the go.  At the funeral home they had an assortment of her quilts displayed over the backs of the pews.  Hubby is going to the funeral today but I have to work.  She will be dearly missed.

Sunday Sledding

After church Win and the girls, me and #2 Sons 2 oldest boys and Paul and Porter went to the park by the lake tobogganing.  The lake was very brown and angry looking.   The wind blowing off it was bitterly cold but they stayed out there for a couple of hours.  I took some pictures and then sat in the van with Pete and read my book.  Afterward we went home and built a fire, had hot chocolate, the kids did crafts and we started a new 500 piece puzzle.  They all stayed for supper.  A nice day!

Cemetery, Doghouse, Mom

I am off today because I work Saturday.  I worked at RSP call night last night.  I got home about 8.  Usually #2 Son is home by 10:30 or 11 pm and if not he always calls to say he has gone to his friends hot tubbing or whatever but tonight The Pencil and I waited until 11:30 and he st we started to worry ill wasn’t home and he wasn’t answering his phone.  The last time he texted was 7:30 ish so as he had been working over at the new house by himself, we started to worry that he had fallen off a ladder or something. We got in the car and drove over there but he wasn’t there.  We drove back and over to his friends house and finally found him, alive and well which was good but ugh! He was in the doghouse!

This morning I got groceries, did laundry, and this afternoon I went to a meeting at the church because they want me to be the treasurer of the cemetery as well as everything else.  I hesitantly said I would do it even though it looks like it’s going to be more work for me and one of the men on the cemetery board is a bit of a pain to deal with.  Our cemetery is one of the prettiest in the region and one of only 5 in all of Canada with a natural burial ground.

Then I went to visit Mom.  She was wide awake, alert, talkative and knew who I was!  So that was nice.  Win and I walked the dogs then she came over for supper as I had cooked a roast chicken, mashed potatoes, sprouts, green beans and gravy.  #2 Son got us some free gravel for the extra driveway yesterday so this morning Hubby borrowed a neighbours tractor and spread it out.  It looks good.

Winter Wine Fest and Work Party

Thursday Jan 2 – went for a walk with Win and the dogs then went into work.  On Saturday I painted trim at #2 Sons and worked on church books.  After church on Sunday I babysat the boys and worked on the church books.  Win and girls came for supper too.  Monday I worked on church books, did the dishes, went to Costco, painted trim at #2 sons.  Tuesday I got my hair cut.

Friday, Jan 10– Wine Festival

Carol and I volunteered at the Winter Wine Festival from 6 until 9.  It was drizzling rain a bit so not too many people were there.  At 9 we were done and had some wine and a butter tart and listened to the band and then went home about 11.

Saturday, Jan 11 – Christmas party

Saturday night we had our work Christmas party at Coppolas but the reservation wasn’t until 7:30 and we didn’t get our dinner until 9:30!  Very late.  Some were going bowling after but I went home as it was almost 11 pm by the time we finished eating.

Monday, Jan. 13 – I worked on church books and year end account, then Win and I went to #2 sons new house and painted some trim until about 3 pm.  Then we took the dogs for a walk by the old canal.  On the way back Sophie pulled the leash that was wrapped around my fingers really hard and now my right index finger hurts and is swollen and turning purple.  

Winter Wine Festival