New Hot Tub

On Sunday we bought a used hot tub from a very nice couple off marketplace.  They live in a real neat old historic house with a round turret near the Niagara River.  The tub is just a 2-3 person size but that is all we need.  We saw it running and the man let us borrow his trailer to take it home in.  The boys went and helped move it.  Afterwards Hubby took the trailer back and stopped at #1 Sons to help him move a big rock.

Monday, May 25 Hubby and I fixed the floor of the garden shed.  It was very hot and humid again and it took us most of the day. It was a job we had been meaning to do for a long time. Today, we dug up all the patio stones where the hot tub is to go. We relaid them so they are level. It was hard work and difficult to get them perfectly even and straight but it looks good and the boys came tonight to borrow the canoe so they helped move the hot tub into place, onto the stones.  Now Hubby just has to figure out how to hook it up to the hydro.

Spring Cleaning & Lay Off

I have been Spring cleaning like there is no tomorrow!  On Wednesday I cleaned out part of the sun porch.  Thursday, Hubby and I got the indoor outdoor carpet and patio furniture out of the garage loft and cleaned it and set it up.  Hubby fixed the front screen door and put up garden dividers. I hung up the oriole and hummingbird feeders on them and it wasn’t long before they found them. Thursday and Friday, I cleaned windows, weeded and cleaned more of the sun porch.

Moms Covid test came back negative but they have a few cases in her nursing home, not on her floor though.  She has been wheezing so they are giving her an inhaler but she can’t do it properly so they are getting a mask for her to get the medicine properly.  We zoomed with her onTuesday but she didn’t talk at all.  I found out that my employer laid off 100 people.  I spoke to a friend still working who says they might offer a retirement package.  If so I would take it.  Will have to wait and see.  

Car Accident

We were sitting have our morning tea when we got a call from the Pencil that the Goober had been in a car accident.  His driver side airbag had deployed while he was driving!  He couldn’t see and hit a tree.  He was okay, just in shock.  Apparently there is a recall on the car because of the airbags.  He is very lucky, he could have been killed.  He grazed a tree which slowed him down before he hit the other tree. It was on a rural road, no one around. #2 Son and the Pencil were close by so drove to the scene.   He was so upset. An ambulance came and checked him out but he didn’t want to go to the hospital because of Covid.  His mother is a nurse so she will watch him.  The cop reluctantly gave him a ticket because he had to for $400.  He told him to fight it. The Goober was on his way to #2 Son’s to see a guy who wanted to buy his boat.  #2 Son sold it for him for $400.  Easy come, easy go I guess.  All things considered, it could have been much worse,

Yesterday I cleaned upstairs and Hubby worked taking a couple of loads to the dump for someone who paid him.  We picked up curb side Chinese food for supper from a place near where I work.  It was very good and a good price too.  

Moved out

#2 Son and family moved most of the rest of their stuff out on Sunday, Mother’s Day.  They came back about 4 and we had a family Zoom chat for Mother’s Day.  They had supper with us and brought a cheesecake for dessert and then they left to sleep In their own house! When they got home, the pencil put in a load of washing and then took the dog for a walk.  When she got back, #2 Son had put the new bottle of laundry soap on top of the dryer/washer and it had fallen off, broken and splattered all over the new drywall, and floor! Ugh!

It has been a long, interesting, sometimes aggravating but mostly fun 13 months, 10 days!!  We were happy to help them out.  Our house is going to seem so empty now!  Who will help me do the jigsaw puzzles and crosswords?  Who will we have Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy contests with?  Who will sit up past midnight watching crime shows with me?  And poor Sophie is going to miss Tyson so much. 😥.  We, however, will not miss his stinky farts,  his noisy chewing, his butt sitting on Hubby’s legs and feet or his ridiculous howling!  Weirdest dog ever!  😂🤣.  We are so proud of all the work they have done on their new house!  Persevering through set backs, delays, bad weather and miserable inspectors,  not to mention the hindrance of Covid and all that it entailed!  And we know there is still lots to finish up but it will be easier now they are living there.  It is beautiful and they have done a great job!  

Monday I spent most of the day cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming.  The Pencil came and got another load of her sons stuff.  Tuesday I spent cleaning the laundry room and doing laundry.  I had a church Zoom meeting and a zoom meeting with Mom.  She was very chatty today!  Talking up a storm about where she taught and her old neighbours from years and years ago.  As we were leaving the zoom, she said, well, I don’t know if I’ll see you again, and then it was turned off.  Kind of strange.

Wednesday and Thursday I cleaned the rec room, caught up the church books and started the puzzle Win gave me for Mother’s Day. It is hard though. Hubby took a load of brush to the dump and a load to the scrap yard too.

Grocery Shopping Rules

I rose early and went grocery shopping for the first time since the pandemic started.  I arrived shortly after 7 am and wore a mask.  There was no line up, I walked right in.  The aisles are marked with arrows so you can only go one way.  I was behind an older man who was very slow and I didn’t know if I was allowed to pass him lol.  I hate shopping!  I am used to hurrying through, getting what I want and getting out!  I didn’t want to hold people up behind me so when I couldn’t find the vanilla, I went around and around the same two aisles four times before I found it!

When I was almost near the end I realized I had forgotten the carrots which were back at the beginning! I wasn’t sure if I could cut across to get back there.  I don’t know the rules! Lol.  I felt like a criminal sneaking around, afraid of being caught going the wrong way!  

My mask kept falling off one ear, my glasses kept steaming up and sliding down my nose when I bent down to look at something without touching it because they are broken, and I hadn’t had time to drink my morning tea before I left home so was not in the best mood. LOL.  I think I will go back to letting Hubby get the groceries.  I have learned the trouble with that is that I have to be very, very specific when writing out the list!  For example when I put down carrots, he came home with baby carrots instead of large ones.   If I put large carrots, he thinks I want a large bag and brings home 2 because the bags looked medium sized!  Maybe I will go every other week.

Mom’s 98, Clandestine Meeting

Tuesday was Moms 98th birthday and we had a family Zoom Chat with her.  Not sure she knew what was going on but it was good.  She got all the cards we sent her and was opening them.  After about half an hour she started getting sleepy.  

On Wednesday I made banana rhubarb muffins and a choc. Chip oatmeal loaf, and some rhubarb strawberry compote.  Hubby and I went to Costco but the line was so long, we drove in and drove right back out again. We tried 2 more times but the line ups were always ridiculous so didn’t stay. I photoshopped some spring flower pictures today. 
Hubby has been making shelves for #2 Sons house and making new doors for his workshop. And after supper I went to a “clandestine“ cemetery meeting as there were 8 of us spread out far apart in the gym (you are only supposed to have 5 people). We had an important decision to make and some of the members didn’t want to do it by Zoom.

On Thursday, I didn’t do much today, read my book. The Pencil took some more things to the new house.  She had bought a new table and chairs and we took them over and set them up.  We also hung some drapes.  They look good. There is a polar vortex coming.  It is supposed to go below zero tonight.

Banana Rhubarb Muffins, Rhubarb strawberry compote, Choc. .chip Loaf
Hubbys New work shop Doors

Book, Rental

It was a beautiful sunny warm day.  I went on the church zoom chat sitting outside on the back porch with my grape holly in bloom behind me.  And a short time later I had another zoom chat with my camping friends.  Hubby worked on building new doors for the workshop.  #2 Son and the Pencil took more stuff to the new house.  

I finished the book, A Song for Nagasaki by Paul Glynn, the story of Dr.  Takeshita Nagai, a scientist, a pioneer in radiology at the University of Nagasaki and survivor of the atomic bomb.  It tells his journey to becoming a Christian and how his faith sustains him through the war, the bombing, the loss of his wife and suffering with leukaemia brought on by radiation exposure.  An excellent read!

A friend of Wins was supposed to be renting the upstairs apartment but she has changed her mind.  She gets super stressed about things and decided she couldn’t handle the move right now.  We are all disappointed and it would have been good for her but we are done trying to convince her.  We will look into getting a company to rent it out.  

They hope to be all,moved in next weekend.  Even though they get on our nerves sometimes, we will find it lonely without them I think.  I know Sophie will miss Tyson terribly!

Baking and Upholstery

Thursday it rained all day I did some baking – choc chip cookies, mulberry muffins, banana loaf and croutons for our Caesar salad supper.  Hubby was also busy making oriole feeders. The arm broke off my glasses so he “fixed” them as well.  On Friday I reupholstered dining chairs for # 2 Son.  As material was difficult to find and order online, I raided my cupboard and found some that would do. 

My friends mother passed away this week. She was 92. And another friends husband also passed. He had lent #2 son his bee extractor last year. Such a nice man. I don’t know whether they had Covid or not.

Today I went on a zoom chat for church treasurers in the diocese and then we moved some more stuff to #2 Sons new house, washed dishes etc. and put them away.  We finished another puzzle but there were quite a few pieces missing.  


Mom Zoom, Broken Glasses

On Sunday it poured rain all day.  I watched the Bishops service, went on the zoom chat with our church congregation and then had a zoom chat with 3 of my friends after lunch.  I spent the rest of the day reading.

 Monday was a nice sunny day but cool.  I organized and tidied up the sun porch a bit.  The final HVAC inspection passed today on #2 Sons house!

Today, Bro and I zoomed with Mom today.  She seemed pretty good.  The nurse with her was very nice.  We were on about a half hour.  Next week she turns 98 so we will all try to get on the zoom.  We have all made her cards to send in the mail.  They hold them 72 hours before giving them to her.  We aren’t allowed to send flowers or food due to Covid.  

My glasses have been bent for about a week now.  I don’t know how they got like that but tonight the arm broke right off.  I don’t know if I can get in to an optometrist or not as they are closed.  Hubby may have to gorilla glue them or duct tape them or something.  I am blind without them!

Fall and Threats from a Bully

On Thursday, the Pencil and I went to their friends house where all their stuff is stored and brought a load to the new house.  I was carrying a crock pot and stuff out of the house and there was a cement step that I didn’t see.  I fell flat on my face!  Fortunately the lawn was close enough.  The crock pot went flying but also landed on the grass.  I was okay but now my back hurts a bit.  

Friday, The Pencil just happened to look out the living room window and see the neighbour kick his St. Bernard dog.  She went out and called him over and told him if she sees him do that again she will call the Humane Society.  He said is that a threat?  She saw their teenaged kid kick their goat last year and she didn’t say anything and later the goat died so she said “No, it’s a promise!”.  He walked away. Today, he moved his horse trailer so we can’t see into his yard from our window. He is such a bully. He is always yelling and screaming at his 2 sons. We can’t stand him.

Hubby, the Pencil and I picked up a load of stuff each from the storage to take to #2 Sons new house.  It was a lot of running up and down stairs. #2 Son worked all day laying the basement flooring. He got a lot done, It looks good.  We ordered Chinese food from the Cozy for supper.