Today ends my dialysis week. I am looking forward to a couple of days off. Because of COVID-19, I will be practicing stay-home policy doing what I enjoy doing most. Since it is only 6:30 AM, I won’t leave for the clinic until 8:15 AM. I am hoping and praying for a good dialysis day. When I have good emotions, the catheter will work nicely. When this COVID-19 pandemic is over, I will see about a graft, but right now, the catheter will have to do. It had gotten me this far since August 28, 2019, due to the fact the first one gave me trouble after five months on April 24, 2019.

An update will be written later in the day.

Excellent Day

I cannot believe how fast this week has been going. It’s already dialysis Thursday! My dialysis weekend is coming, and I am indeed looking forward to it. Today’s treatment went well. No warning beeps today. The only time my machine beeped a warning was five minutes before being disconnected from it for the day. The treatment was excellent today.

April 28 – Treatment & Appointment Day

Another dialysis treatment week has begun today. Tuesdays are always appointment days with the nephrologist doctors. Dr. A had been making his rounds, and it looked like he materialized right in front of me. He was far away when I first saw him, and all of a sudden, he was talking to me. Being hooked up and the machine doing what it is supposed to do, I explained to Dr. A about the dizziness I had on Saturday, and the experience I haven’t had for almost a year. He told the goal weight; the amount of fluid taken out of my body can have some dizzying effects — side effects. He explained that if I continue to have dizzy spells, he will adjust my goal weight a little bit because also a healthy gain of weight from eating can be affected as well, and taking too much fluid can cause what I experienced Saturday. I felt like I was going to leave my body and be floating about above everyone at the clinic. I do not like that feeling. After Dr. A left for the day, I was able to sit and relax a little bit. My neighbor JA was sitting in chair two while H (male) was sitting in chair three. It made conversation difficult with JA today.

Dialysis went smoothly. It was a good day. The weather proved to be somewhat decent while I was out, but it has been raining since I have been home from treatment. I am feeling a little wiped out, but not as much on Saturday after that dizzy spell I had experienced. Now, we will see what Thursday brings to the table as far as treatment goes.


As of April 24, 2020, I have been dialyzing for a year. Time does go by fast most days — more so than others. Although death is imminent no matter age, culture, condition/disease, I rarely think about it. I can’t think about it because it would make me feel crazy, and many people would look at me strangely. Of the year I have been doing dialysis, I have known two patients I have gotten to know for a few months before they passed away because of their health. Both women were in their 80s. My heart broke when I learned of their deaths. I know of another patient who passed away, but I did not him like the two ladies who did. Yes, I did not know anyone at the center until I started going there myself, but once you sit in the same area with others, you will strike up conversations or say hello. Now, being at the clinic for a year, I feel I have a new family.

Dialysis, April 25, 2020

My dialysis has begun, shortly after 1:30 PM today. I get there a little after 8:30 AM, and my chair is available by the time I get there. I get hooked up to the machine a little before 9 AM. T (female) is not there, but the first pod seems to be buzzing with hard-working technicians as they work with each patient. My machine has given us a little trouble, so they moved me to chair two and hooked up to the machine there. The patient who usually sits in chair two sat in my chair after they set up the device. I do not think that the patient liked the idea of being in the corner chair. Like the machine did when I was hooked up, it decided to do the same thing. The patient in chair four was unhooked, and the device was swapped out for a different machine, He was hooked back up and dialyzed fine. In chair two, I was also dialyzing fine. Because of the delay, I did not get out of the clinic until 1 PM — shortly after.

During the last forty-five minutes of my treatment, I ended up getting very dizzy. The feeling was its worst, an experience that I haven’t had for a year. It felt awful. My dizzy spell reminded me of a year ago. I was sitting in chair two when I experienced a dizzy spell precisely like the one I had today. I learned that my blood pressure was on the low side during the time of my dizzy spell. The technician K (female) and the nurse J helped me get comfortable by laying me back in the chair for the remainder of my treatment, and K gave me some fluid. When it came to getting unhooked from the machine, K took the chair and set me up slowly. While sitting up, my blood pressure still read low when she took it. She gave me some more fluid — saline solution — in my catheter line on the machine. As my blood was returned, I was beginning to feel better. When she unhooked me from the device, and then she took standing blood pressure, have me sit back down so she could burrito wrap my catheter before I weighed out and left for the day. I finally got out of the clinic by 1:20 PM or so.

When it comes to dialysis, we never know what is going to happen until we get there or if we get a call saying that our time will be delayed or we have to wait for an opening to come in before our next dialysis day. When dialysis days do not go as planned because of incidences that are out of our control, I do get a little frustrated and annoyed. I am one of those people who will apply to the importance of getting something done. I do not play with my health when something is necessary and needs to be done. I take getting to dialysis seriously. I will not play games with my health when it comes to life or death. I choose life.

Dialysis Weekend Will Be Here

Dialysis weekend will be after treatment. With time being a few minutes before 8 AM, I am sitting here at home, taking a few minutes to say a few words.  T is now gone and will return in August if God allows.  She went back home to Ohio, where the Coronavirus pandemic has a hotspot right now.  Her plans to return in August are being formulated at this time.  She will be missed after being here a year as a traveling dialysis technician.  She has worked in Pod 1 while she was here; now, there is going to be an emptiness, a void.  

Not A Bad Day For Dialysis

Today wasn’t too bad for another dialysis day. At first, I thought that my catheter is being problematic, but T told me that my catheter was fine. It was me and my mouth that was talking. Yes, I love to talk. Between 11:15 AM – 12 PM, I decided to rest my eyes. Now, I do not sleep at the clinic because of all the machines and the noises they make. I have to be very tired to sleep away from home, or I am staying at another house. Dialysis did go well. My machine went off a few times because I can be a motor mouth, LOL. Catheters, although mine has been doing an excellent job for eight months, are finicky pieces of plastic material.

While I am dialyzing, I love to chat with JA (female), who is my neighbor. I am in chair four while JA is in chair 3. Today, I had to talk less than I would like to because the machine was being temperamental. Knowing it wasn’t my catheter, I wanted to scream. I love to talk and communicate with others, but when I have to be still and quiet, I do have days where it is tough. Resting my eyes for a while was not easy, but was done.

Now home, before 1 PM, DKF and I watched Cold Case on the Roku channel, then I watched Magnum P. I., then decided to watch the 6 PM movie on HMM before heading to bed for the night.  

An Awesome Day

I barely got into the area where we wait while someone lets me know to go on down to the clinic. While the Coronavirus pandemic is going on, as a precaution, we have our temperatures checked at the door. If we do not have a temp, it is our pass. We have been entering another clinic door to get assessed, and when they are ready for a patient, a technician or nurse will come at getting me, or a volunteer will call to let them know that I am here and send me down right away. It is a routine I am getting used to doing. When the Coronavirus “stay home order” is lifted, I will be glad. I was told to go to the clinic. I saw T (female) in the clinic and asked her if I could come back. I weighed myself in at 90.5 kg and stood in my spot, by my chair to have my standing blood pressure analyzed, sat down, and they got my sitting pressure, hooked me up to the machine for treatment.

As the day continued, I was able to dialyze without any incidents going on. My machine was silent the entire time. It was nice. I got out of there a few minutes after noon, waiting for DKF to pick me at 12:45 PM, and home I came. Today was an awesome dialysis day!

I spoke with/to Dr. Anjum today. No changes have to be made. I did talk to him about the catheter being touch last week, Tuesday and Thursday. We will keep an eye and watch with my catheter.

A New Dialysis Week

A new dialysis week has begun. I will be leaving for treatment in a little while. I believe that my day is going to go smoothly. After last week, Tuesday and Thursday, I wasn’t sure if things were heading as far as the catheter was concerned. Today is appointment day with Dr. A as he will be making his rounds from patient to patient he has at the clinic.

I am looking forward to seeing him. He is one doctor I love to see. He knows all about what my kidney disease is, how it affects my body and monthly labs and gives me a necessary pep talk. I will have to wait and see.

I am off to get my day started and get back home.

A New Week Has Begun

A new dialysis week is about to begin. I will be leaving to go to the clinic around 8:15 AM. I am bathed and dressed. Teeth brushed along with my hair. Shoes, socks, and right leg brace on.