Week of July 6 – 11, 2020

I am so looking forward to my dialysis weekend.  It has been one of those weeks where dialysis went smoothly on Tuesday and Thursday.  I am hoping it goes smoothly today as well.  Dialysis ran Tuesday and Thursday perfectly.  The lines were NOT reversed.  Because Saturday, July 4, 2020, dialysis was not working at all, I had to go to dialysis on Monday, July 6, 2020, for my three hours and fifteen-minute treatment, and Dr. A wanted me to come in on Tuesday for two hours and forty-five minute of therapy to keep me on track.  This week I had four treatments.  It was worth it, and today, I am going during my regular treatment time, and it is for the best.  I did have a lot of fluid in me this week because I missed a day of treatment last Saturday.

I have learned to relax and allow the catheter to do its job this week.  I hope it does the same today. I will update Saturday later in the day when I get home to rest a bit.

Today ends my dialysis week. I am looking forward to a couple of days off. Because of COVID-19, I will be practicing stay-home policy doing what I enjoy doing most. Since it is only 6:30 AM, I won’t leave for the clinic until 8:15 AM. I am hoping and praying for a good dialysis day. When I have good emotions, the catheter will work nicely. When this COVID-19 pandemic is over, I will see about a graft, but right now, the catheter will have to do. It had gotten me this far since August 28, 2019, due to the fact the first one gave me trouble after five months on April 24, 2019.

An update will be written later in the day.

Excellent Day

I cannot believe how fast this week has been going. It’s already dialysis Thursday! My dialysis weekend is coming, and I am indeed looking forward to it. Today’s treatment went well. No warning beeps today. The only time my machine beeped a warning was five minutes before being disconnected from it for the day. The treatment was excellent today.

A New Week Has Begun

A new dialysis week is about to begin. I will be leaving to go to the clinic around 8:15 AM. I am bathed and dressed. Teeth brushed along with my hair. Shoes, socks, and right leg brace on.

Appointment Day and Dialysis

I will, from this day forward, not worry about missing a dialysis day again when the weather is terrible. Dr. A has not been worried at all about me missing one day of dialysis this winter. I told him that I felt awful about missing last Tuesday, February 18, 2020, and he said to me that the weather was indeed bad last week. I told him what one of the technicians said to me, and he told me not to worry about what others say, as I have good judgment, and I am diligent about getting here, and dialysis is going smoothly without any hitches. I will not argue with Dr. A about my diligence and how smoothly dialysis is going. As of February 28, 2020, I would have had the second catheter for seven months.

Since today was what I call appointment day with Dr. A, we talked about the placement of a graft, and what he plans on doing about it, so my blood does clot the graft if the third placement is the charm. He was talking about a low dose of Plavix. I am game for giving it a third try even though my fistula in my left arm quit ten months after placement, and the graft in my right arm clotted in five days. My blood is thick, and I need a blood thinner. I did ask if using Plavix I will need to get my INR checked, and Dr. A said no.

Dialysis did go well today. The machine was quiet most of the time, but it did go off a few times because of excess movement from me. My catheter was not the problem today, and it has not been a problem for the past several months. I was able to get out of the clinic by 1 PM when DKF picked me up to take me home to be with me for about another couple of hours before leaving my place at 3 PM.

Clearing Things Up A Little

When it comes to dialysis today, from April 24 – May 6, 2019, I have to admit that now dialysis is a part of my life until I can get on the kidney transplant list. I call that dialysis, and when I have an appointment on Tuesdays while at dialysis, on Tuesdays, I see Dr. A., I call that Appointment Day. Today was an appointment day.

Dialysis Update For January 25, 2020

Another Saturday at home because of the weather. I am beginning to dislike winter for the first time this season. Despite my feelings, I am here, and that is all that matters. Life continues, and I have to watch my fluid intake as well as my eating of certain foods, and if I do not feel good before Tuesday, I have to go to the ER to get checked out. That is what I have learned in the past few months.

Dialysis Rocked Today

I do not have a lot to say about dialysis today. I had to be positioned in a laying position, but dialysis did go well. When it comes to dialysis using the catheter, it is mainly me that allows the catheter to work well or not. Sitting still for three hours and fifteen minutes can be boring, but I have my own little TV to watch, and I know how to be quiet. I have no complaints today. Dialysis rocked!


I do have to admit that today I felt I was being attacked by certain people wanting to talk to me about what I do. Yes, the social worker spoke to me today before other patients were hooked up to the machines. No, I was not attacked, but I felt like I was. I do not like people pointing out my faulty ways in life, but the truth does need to come out from time to time. Yes, I wanted to shut down and not listen to what the social worker was saying, but I did listen. Sometimes I get anxious and need my answers right now. It happened this weekend when I could not make it to dialysis because of weather conditions were not the best to be out it. It is winter in Wisconsin right now.

Every Tuesday I see my nephrologist at the clinic. Today I learned that my labs are doing great in all the places they want me to be great in. The doctor does not worry about my creatinine anymore because I am doing dialysis three times a week, but I still want to know. This month my creatinine is at 8.0 and my GFR is 5. Yes, my transplanted kidney is failing slowly. That is why I am doing dialysis three times a week now at 3 hours and 15 minutes a sitting.

The nurse LV (female) thought that my catheter may need to be replaced, but Dr. A told her that at this time it does not need to be replaced. He does not look at the numbers LV was looking at for many good reasons. I have had this catheter for four months and twelve days (or so). My catheter was replaced on August 28, 2019, after the first one failed to do its job after one month. I also believe God is behind all of this as well.

Dialysis did go smoothly today.