Dialysis Update

Dialysis is back on track now. I saw Dr. A at the clinic this morning before being tethered to the machine/dialyzer. He did get my message on Friday regarding my dislike of how things were taken care of on Thursday. Yes, I was still feeling the pressure of everything that was going on at the clinic. Unprofessional at best given that half of the machines/dialyzers were not working. Today, I understand that it was right to have my catheter checked since it was not working for proper treatment. One of the nurses seemed to cop an attitude about how the IR doctor Dr. S. didn’t do specific tests to check if the catheter needed to be removed and have a new one put in, and she wanted a new one put in. I will be speaking to LV the nurse tomorrow about this one nurse’s attitude. I believe doctors know what they are doing. My catheter did not need was not needing any replacement at this time.

Now, please understand that I understand this one nurse’s feelings at this time. The catheter was giving us all trouble on Thursday, and it needed to have an inspection. I’ve had this catheter almost ten months now. The only part of the nurse I do not understand is the attitude she had towards the doctor who does the procedures/catheter placements. A nurse should never judge or question a doctor’s decision unless it puts the patient in a dangerous position of some sort or even death. I am not happy with this nurse’s attitude whatsoever. I believe nurses are to be professional at all times. Yes, an opinion can come about from time to time, giving the circumstances, and yes, we did have seven machines go down last week that brought out chaos and mayhem. Doctors, nurses, and technicians took the time to get all the devices a test to get them all up and running as smoothly as possible with the machines being problematic. When a machine goes down, they have to pull them out and look at them to see where the problem lies. Dr. A told me that there were bacteria in the machines, and they needed to dialysis team had to take time to service the devices to optimal use. The idea of bacteria in the dialyzers is frightening. As far as for a patient’s safety, I can see that it can be frustrating.

As far as dialysis went today, for me, it went well. I am back in chair number four. I was able to dialyze without a hitch at 3.5 kilos. Because I couldn’t dialyze properly last week, I reached 94.6. That is the highest coming-in weight I haven’t seen in a year! I will get back to 88.5 kg soon. Dr. A believes it will be by Saturday. I feel different about it.

April 28 – Treatment & Appointment Day

Another dialysis treatment week has begun today. Tuesdays are always appointment days with the nephrologist doctors. Dr. A had been making his rounds, and it looked like he materialized right in front of me. He was far away when I first saw him, and all of a sudden, he was talking to me. Being hooked up and the machine doing what it is supposed to do, I explained to Dr. A about the dizziness I had on Saturday, and the experience I haven’t had for almost a year. He told the goal weight; the amount of fluid taken out of my body can have some dizzying effects — side effects. He explained that if I continue to have dizzy spells, he will adjust my goal weight a little bit because also a healthy gain of weight from eating can be affected as well, and taking too much fluid can cause what I experienced Saturday. I felt like I was going to leave my body and be floating about above everyone at the clinic. I do not like that feeling. After Dr. A left for the day, I was able to sit and relax a little bit. My neighbor JA was sitting in chair two while H (male) was sitting in chair three. It made conversation difficult with JA today.

Dialysis went smoothly. It was a good day. The weather proved to be somewhat decent while I was out, but it has been raining since I have been home from treatment. I am feeling a little wiped out, but not as much on Saturday after that dizzy spell I had experienced. Now, we will see what Thursday brings to the table as far as treatment goes.

An Awesome Day

I barely got into the area where we wait while someone lets me know to go on down to the clinic. While the Coronavirus pandemic is going on, as a precaution, we have our temperatures checked at the door. If we do not have a temp, it is our pass. We have been entering another clinic door to get assessed, and when they are ready for a patient, a technician or nurse will come at getting me, or a volunteer will call to let them know that I am here and send me down right away. It is a routine I am getting used to doing. When the Coronavirus “stay home order” is lifted, I will be glad. I was told to go to the clinic. I saw T (female) in the clinic and asked her if I could come back. I weighed myself in at 90.5 kg and stood in my spot, by my chair to have my standing blood pressure analyzed, sat down, and they got my sitting pressure, hooked me up to the machine for treatment.

As the day continued, I was able to dialyze without any incidents going on. My machine was silent the entire time. It was nice. I got out of there a few minutes after noon, waiting for DKF to pick me at 12:45 PM, and home I came. Today was an awesome dialysis day!

I spoke with/to Dr. Anjum today. No changes have to be made. I did talk to him about the catheter being touch last week, Tuesday and Thursday. We will keep an eye and watch with my catheter.

Something Needs To Be Looked Into

Life at dialysis continues to go forward. Today was my appointment day at the clinic with Dr. A. Every Tuesday, unless the month has five weeks instead of four doctors come to check on their patients. Dr. A (male) is my nephrologist, while Dr. S (female), a nephrologist as well, sees her patients at the clinic. Dr. A did not have any worries about me. I do have a dispute with my weigh-in being at 94.0 kilos when I saw 91.9 kilos. I’ve spoken to the nurse LV, and she told me that she would look into the discrepancy on Thursday when I come into the clinic Thursday to have treatment. I believe she does see that there is an error. I think T (female), the technician made an error in reading the weigh-in to determine how much fluid to take while cleaning my blood.

Dialysis did go smoothly for a while until my blood pressure began to go under 100/90 while dialyzing. The machine continued to clean my blood because of the fluid portion was stopped until my blood pressure regulated itself back over 100/90. The dialyzer helped take 2.5 kilos of fluid from my body.  Please forgive me. My understanding of kilos and pounds is a little rusty. I use an app to clarify my needs to know what is what. I am still learning.

Dialysis Is Going Smoothly

Okay, we had a little rough patch in the first forty-five minutes or so, but it was smooth sailing after that. Being tethered to a machine between 9 AM – 9:15 AM, I was out of there by 12:20 PM to wait for DFK to pick me up to take me to my nail appointment. Yes, today, I had my nails done for February. Yes, I treat myself every month by getting my nails done each month. I got home a few minutes before 3 PM.

I saw Dr. A about my monthly results, and the only thing he was concerned about was my phosphorus level is a little high. Okay, I need to work on that by taking my phosphorus blockers every time I eat and take them with me when I go out to eat. I did tell him the truth that I sometimes forget even though the medicine is right there next to me. Forgetting once in a while is okay. It happens. I do not forget on purpose.


Spoke With the Doctor

Tuesday has finally arrived, and I was able to talk to Dr. A about my concerns with my dry weight. The patient’s dry weight is the weight that is checked after dialysis is finished for the day until the next dialysis day. Dr. A is not concerned about my weight at this time, but I told him why I was because I want to get on the list for another transplant. I need to be at 180 pounds, and right now, I am between 190 and 200 pounds as my dry weight. It is getting a little frustrating. He understood my concerns, too. I will have to work on eating better. I do love my fruit (apple, plums, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries), veggies, and salads. I do have to admit, because of phosphates and potassium and being on dialysis or your kidney is not functioning correctly, there are fruits and vegetables I must to be careful not to eat so much. Also, because I am on Warfarin and an aspirin regimen daily, I need to watch out for certain vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and other leafy greens that have vitamin K. The doctor and nurses look at the PROTIME/INR levels every week. Dr. A also explained to me that he is going to cut my time on dialysis from 3 ½ hours to 3 hours and 15 minutes, and my dry weight will be at 87 kg instead of 84 kg for a while. My new time begins on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

Dialysis Update on Saturday

Life on Dialysis

Dialysis went well today.  I sat in seat 2 instead of seat 4.  I was surprised at first because I went to seat 4 or started to when my tech T (female) stopped me and showed me the chair I was sitting in which was seat 2.  I forgot what she said on Thursday that she was going to put me in a different chair in the pod she worked in.  OOPS, LOL…  I am not sure if I will have the chair again next week.  We will have to wait and see.

The only concern was my blood pressure.  The machine was reading my BP as 185/100 or 175/105.  This was going on through most of my treatment except for the last half hour or so.  One of the other technicians C (female) decided to take my BP manual and it read 130/54.  She decided to use a different cuff on me, and the machine read my BP 145/83.  The cuff they were using on me was the problem.  I am glad that the BP was lower than it was reading as well as relieved that the technicians and nurse in my care did not stop finding out what was going on.  I was even asked by the nurse if I took any blood pressure medication this morning and I told him that I did not.  I also told him that I will check my blood pressure when I get home and take medication if the machine read it higher than 150/90.  The nurse nodded and left the pod to check on other patients in the other two pods outside the pod I was in.  There are 3 pods/12 machines.  By the time I left my BP was reading below 15/90.  If the machine reads over 150/90 or under 100/80 it beeps to warn the techs and nurses that the cuff may be to be changed or adjusted and be checked again.  I was able to leave relieved that my BP was fine.

Now, on Tuesday I need to talk to Dr. A about my dry weight is high for the past two weeks.  Something may have to be changed.  In the meantime, until then I will watch my fluid intake and see if that will help.  Not sure if it will but T agreed.  In the meantime, I will have to wait until Tuesday.