Another year has come and gone. Welcome to 2019!!


I will still have anxiety and panic from time to time, and I will do my best not allowing fear to play its games with me when it comes to dialysis from this day forward. Dialysis has been successful for the week. This week has been very good. I have found a sitting position that …

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Dialysis Update

Dialysis is one thing I will not argue about when it comes to needing to do it now that my transplanted kidney, after 31 1/2 years, has stopped working correctly at the beginning of the year. Although I have had the catheter replaced once so far, I do not want to jinx the second catheter …

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Spoke With the Doctor Tuesday has finally arrived, and I was able to talk to Dr. A about my concerns with my dry weight. The patient’s dry weight is the weight that is checked after dialysis is finished for the day until the next dialysis day. Dr. A is not concerned about my weight at …

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