Dialysis Update I

Tuesday and Thursday

Life on dialysis is going smoothly.  I have on Tuesday and Thursday, sat in chair #1 and chair #2.  It was a nice change, but the reason I was not in chair #4 was that the dialyzer/machine was in needed repairs for some reason or another. Being placed in two different places had moved another patient into another pod for a couple of days.  My favorite chair is #4 because I can see from the chair to the other end of the room.  I should be back in chair #4 for Saturday treatment.  I have to wait and see.  I feel I am living a normal life with having dialysis three times a week at three hours and fifteen minutes long.  With the Coronavirus still running about, I cannot do much even though I am now allowing my boyfriend and his mom to come over Saturday (Sabbath) afternoon to have worship with them.  That is not a risk because they wear a mask while visiting me.

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    1. do not read or watch TV these days. I have a gal I became friends with, and we chat away our time. When she takes a nap, that is when I sit and be quiet. I have to admit that time does go by fast some days and not fast on other days. Now, with Magic kitty, I have a good reason to be home to be with him. He is a good kitty most of the time, and he is only six months old on the 30th. He’s my magical kitty. The little stinker put a spell on my heart the moment we met! Dialysis is going well these days, and it’s because the nurses and technicians know what they are doing!!

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