June 21, 23, and 25, 2020

Tuesday, 7/21
Dialysis started roughly when the nurse had to put in Cathflo to get rid of the clot in my catheter. I didn’t begin dialyzing until 10 AM, but I still left at 1 PM. With Cathflo administered, it took care of the clotting, and the dialysis went well for the three hours I had dialyzed.

Thursday, 7/23
We had no problems today. I have been working very hard at taking in my fluid amount of thirty-four ounces a day, and it is more difficult when the weather is hot, muggy, and over eighty-eight degrees. I have managed the best I can, and I have had 2.7 kilos taken out today. I did not make it to 3.2 kilos as planned because I was beginning to feel cramped and dizzy. We will have to wait and see what Saturday brings.

Saturday. 7/25
The final treatment of the week is always Saturday. I was able to get through treatment without alarms. My lines were reversed but got through dialysis. While at dialysis, I attended church on Zoom with Pastor S and other church members. It was a good day.