Weekly Update


I have a dialysis update for the week of July 13 – July 18, 2020. I was planning on posting an entry earlier while at dialysis, but the internet was down at the clinic today, Saturday. I couldn’t even get online to have Sabbath school and worship. Dialysis went smoothly all week long. I am glad to be home relaxing, listening to Kids Praise Too! on 3ABN. I missed the first half of New Perceptions on 3ABN but got the topic’s gist when I got home. Despite not being able to be online while at dialysis can be a downer, but I do what I can.

Today I was not in chair four. I was in chair two while JA was in chair one. E (male) was in chair four, and E (female) was in chair three. It was a nice change for treatment. Treatment today went smoothly, but before it went smoothly, we ran in a couple of snags with the machine reacting to my catheter. I don’t think it was my catheter or me. The nurse T (female) was having difficulty with my computer/machine and vowed not to touch it again during my treatment. I did not find that amusing. With treatment going smoothly today, I can now express how the procedure/treatment went on Tuesday and Thursday. Please forgive me for talking about today first. It was fresh on my mind, and I have time to explain.


Lately, my blood pressure has been going below 100/60. Today my BP went to 96/45. I get the feeling of being taken into another dimension. I was feeling like I was riding the waves of an ocean or sea. Technicians attended to my needs to get some fluid back into my system to put the BP above 100/60 again. I was then unhooked from the machine, got a weight before walking out of the clinic door, and left for the day.


I am glad to be halfway through my weekly treatment at the dialysis center. My BP didn’t cause much of a problem today. My BP went low once, and they had to take care of low blood pressure again as they did on Tuesday. I plan to see Saturday be better.